Turn Your Stopovers Into Destinations

If you travel often and far away, you know how stopovers can be wasted time, even though they are necessary.


But what if you changed the way you book your flights, by keeping in mind that you can actually take some time to enjoy the place where you land for a few hours? Some hotels are certainly making it easier than ever for you. Here is more on how you can turn stopovers from boring to exciting.

Enjoy a Relaxing Time at the Hotel while You wait for Your Next Flight

It seems like there are new apps coming into our world every day. Some of them are useless, while others literally change the way people live. The latter might be true for travellers when it comes to Dayuse, an app that lets you book a hotel for a few hours. And so, instead of wasting time walking around the airport, spending useless cash at the souvenir shop, you could be enjoying a nice cold drink by the pool, under the sun at one of these Miami airport hotels, for example.

Having the time to do so is already applicable to many of the current stopovers offered by the airlines, where you have to wait three or four hours for your next flight. But now, you could save money by deciding to take a longer stopover during your next travel, and using the time to enjoy a nice hotel spa, a brunch at their restaurant, or even a room to refresh yourself and to relax a while, at a reduced cost.

How does it work?

This new concept did not take long to interest hotels, which were looking for new sources of revenues. When the pandemic hit, they were the very first in line, in losing their income, as people could not travel anymore. Now that life has gradually come back to some kind of normality, they have learned that they need to be open to new ideas, if they want to survive all the bad surprises that may come their way. That is why Dayuse is already an international service.

First, the person travelling needs to do a search for the location where his stopover will be. It will bring up many hotels in the vicinity to choose from (not only near the airport, although for someone in transit, going too far away could be a costly mistake). For each one, various services will be offered for different duration of time. It is up to the traveller to decide what kind of stopover he would like to enjoy: a relaxing time, cosily spent under the covers, or enjoying the sun by a beautiful pool, while benefiting from all the other amenities made available to him.

Every hotel offers a different reduction, in comparison to their regular daily rate. However, it is mentioned on the site that the reduced price can be lowered by up to 75%, making this a great offer to benefit from. It will certainly change the habits of the most frequent travellers. After all, if you are going from a cold country to another one, while stopping by a warm town, why not benefit from a few sunshine rays?

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