Top 5 Villas For A Luxurious Stay In Florida

When someone says the word “Florida” to you, what immediately comes to mind?

Top 5 Villas for a Luxurious Stay in Florida
Anna Maria Island, Florida. Photo by Nathan Andress on Unsplash

The chances are that you will picture quite a few things – perhaps world-renowned tourist attractions such as Walt Disney World Resort and Everglades National Park, the beautiful beaches, and presumably the long, hot and humid summers that one would expect from a place called the “Sunshine State”.

What we’re trying to say here, is that Florida is widely seen as a place to “get away from it all” – a truly idyllic destination for a holiday for people from around the globe.

So, with all that in mind, we can hardly blame you if you yearn to dial up the luxury and experience the ultimate villa vacation in Florida. After all, if you already have your heart set on a trip to this exceedingly tourist-friendly part of the United States, you might as well refuse to compromise when it comes to all those little (and big) aspects of opulence that make the accommodation options here so special, too.

For a lot of people, a luxury break in Florida means staying in a gorgeously well-appointed villa – so, let’s get specific about which ones you might consider. From romantic getaways to family vacations, and packed with activities such as spas, shopping, tennis and golf, the luxury villas we have described below offer something for everyone, and almost guarantee an unforgettable experience.

If you’re keen to find out more, read on to discover the top five villa options for a truly luxurious stay in Florida.

1. Anna Maria Island

For a vacation that embodies all things luxury, Anna Maria Island is the perfect gateway to paradise. All villas are located within walking distance of the beach; what could be better than closing your eyes and letting the soothing lullaby of the waves act as a perfect balm to your stresses and woes?

The beaches here are secluded and private – perfect for having some much-needed time to yourself. Staying here also gives you the chance to wander the mangrove conservation area and connect with the local culture, while still immersing yourself in the wonders of nature.

When you are done exploring for the day, head back to your villa to swim a few lengths in your private pool – perfect for really relaxing and unwinding in the privacy of your own space. Then, head to the spa for a top-to-toe pampering session, or treat yourself to a fresh seafood dish just yards away from your villa.

If you ask us, Anna Maria Island ticks every box when it comes to the ultimate island escape in the heart of Florida – hence why we have included it in this rundown.

2. Windsor At Westside

Combine a soothing getaway with plenty of fun activities, all surrounded by the highest levels of glamour and elegance. Windsor at Westside features a varied menu of luxury pools, fully equipped sports facilities, and an impressive 8,000-square-foot clubhouse that forms a thriving hub of fun, socialising, and first-class service.

Kick back at the onsite tiki bar – the ideal place to get into the party mood. Rest assured that when you choose Windsor at Westside for your Florida holiday, you will be able to enjoy a five-star luxury vacation without feeling the need to make a single compromise throughout your trip.

3. Reunion Resort

Combine a plethora of exciting activities with luxurious surroundings when you stay at Reunion Resort – an indulgent playground that offers visitors all that they could ask for from a Florida vacation.

This is a spot that has all that you could expect from a luxury vacation; while away the days on one of three PGA golf courses, and feel the stresses of the day fall away, before heading to one of the seven onsite restaurants for an extensive menu of first-class options designed to leave you fully satisfied. Indulge the water fans in your family by heading to one of the seven pools, and ramp up the excitement with a trip to an on-site water park.

If you are looking to combine your luxury with a lot of fun, Reunion Resort also offers scheduled transportation to the nearby Disney World. This is a site, then, that truly allows you to enjoy the wonder of the Happiest Place on Earth with elegant, refined surroundings – the very best of all worlds in Florida.

4. Solara Resort

Indulge in the ultimate luxury with a stay at one of the villas of Solara Resort, and emerge feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and like the very best version of yourself.

The villas here come complete with their own swimming pools – including spas to attend to your every whim – as well as games rooms to ensure you get a chance to indulge in the latest from the world of tech.

After a day of relaxing, why not continue the holiday vibe at the on-site ice cream parlour, or head over to the clubhouse lounge for some welcome socialising?

As with Reunion Resort, the Solara Resort is located a convenient distance to the nearby Disney World. So, what better balance could there be than an enthralling day at the Disney theme parks, followed by chilling out in your on-site pool?

5. Sanibel

Let your worries melt away in this gorgeous beachside resort, which comes equipped with a range of condos and villas to allow you to enjoy your own piece of paradise. Drink in the breathtaking beach views, and take advantage of the privacy and convenience of your very own private stretch of beach – located merely steps away from your front door during your Florida stay.

Are you in the mood for lights and fun after dark? Then a short drive will see you arrive at Sanibel Island – this is a spot that caters for everyone, further helping to ensure you spend each and every moment of your trip in the lap of absolute luxury.

Hopefully, the above suggestions for a Florida villa vacation will have got you feeling more than a little inspired. So, why not begin researching your best accommodation options in this part of the world today, in readiness for a trip you will remember for all the finest reasons?

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