The Top Iconic Casinos To Visit In Europe

While technological advancements now mean gamblers can enjoy a wide range of games at their convenience at legit online sites such as Comeon, the brick and mortar casino will still have its place.

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Not only do they provide the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with placing high stakes, as evident in James Bond movies, but they are also a great tourist attraction. Gambling has a long history, with Europe being home to some of the oldest and most iconic land-based establishments. Here are some of the most iconic casinos you should visit when touring in Europe.

1. Casino di Venezia, Italy.

Casino di Venezia is considered the oldest casino in the world. The casino, which sits on the Grand Canal in Venice, opened its doors in 1638, and is still open to gamblers. The establishment originally started as the Theatre Saint Moses and had a wing for gambling in-between plays. Its success sparked a casino craze in Venice, and there were more than 120 establishments by 1744. The building served various purposes, such as being home to Italian loyalty and as a getaway for Richard Wagner, who was a German composer until his death. It was bought by the city of Venice in 1946, renovated, and opened as an official casino in 1959.

2. Casino de Monte – Carlo, Monaco.

Casino de Monte will probably ring a bell to many, especially if you follow Bond Films. This is because it has appeared in films such as Casino Royale, Never Say Never, and GoldenEye. It was opened in the 1850s to generate money for the House of Grimaldi and save them from bankruptcy. A visit to Casino de Monte – Carlo will require you to adhere to its dress code and behave respectably.

3. Casino de Spa, Belgium.

Belgium is renowned for its iconic attractions and as one of the best places to relax in Europe. It is also home to some of the world-famous restorative cold springs. The word “spa” was even derived from this Belgium location. The Casino de Spa has a connection with the famous cold springs, where gamblers would take a dip after losing at the craps table.

4. Casino Wiesbaden, Germany.

The casino was established in 1771 and has undergone numerous renovations. It is located at the Kurhaus Spa House and is surrounded by stunning scenery and an intimate atmosphere. Its charm even inspired Fyodor Dostoevsky to pen his famous novel The Gambler after losing all his fortune. They have even carefully preserved the roulette wheel that was his undoing.

5. The Ritz Club, London.

London is considered home to some of the exclusive casinos in Europe. The Ritz Club is a members-only casino that opened in 1909 but started functioning as a casino in 1977. To gain admission, you need to apply and be recommended by an existing member. The casino offers high stakes games, and members are required to adhere strictly to the dress code.

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