Step Back In Time, Today

Where do you like to holiday? Is it somewhere hot, where you can relax, or do you prefer visiting landmarks or learning about new cultures?

Step Back in Time Today

No matter the reason, different countries and cultures are always of interest to people. Think about the Tower of Pisa, in Italy. It opened in 1372 and is still visited today by over 5 million tourists per year, generating €21 million in revenue.

People around the world are familiar with the Tower and its history, along with Italian culture. It features across different media, which is no different from other landmarks and cultures, especially when it comes to casino and gaming sites.

Iconic Landmarks and Historical Cultures

Slot games have always been popular, with dozens of titles being released to keep with demand. But they wouldn’t have stayed popular if their themes were all the same, so there’s plenty of variety, and none more so than ones to do with historical landmarks and cultures around the world. For instance, Slingo has a variety of games centred around different cultures and landmarks. A prime example is Slingo Fortunes, which is a game focused on the Far East and its culture, including red money envelopes and fortune cookies, typical of Chinese culture.

Historical eras tend to do particularly well, thought to be because of the escapism playing them provides, with the Roman era and the Wild West featuring particularly strongly, in games like Centurion and Showdown, respectively. They’ll feature items associated with the culture during that time. For instance, Centurion features, well, a centurion who barks orders as the player navigates the Road to Rome, or spins Reelus Maximus.

In turn, Showdown has a cowboy type of theme, sitting in a dusty old saloon playing games. Music will reflect this different style, as will the type of games played in it. So, as you can see, just in one genre, alone, there can be plenty of variety. But why do people prefer some genres over others?

What’s the Significance?

Well, slots traditionally focus on one specific genre, which massively helps its success in the gaming world. Historical eras, events, and landmarks create a nostalgia, for times past, perhaps even learning about them in childhood. It allows players to get fully immersed in a game, providing escapism.

Going back to the Wild West, in Showdown, for a moment, players are transported back to something they know about. Slots build on this by creating a game they want to play. Add to this some great audiovisual effects, it becomes more than just pulling a lever or spinning a wheel, stepping ever closer to a video game experience.

Step Back in Time Today

No matter the history involved, when technology is added to the mix, it brings it into the current times. Players get to experience a gaming experience par excellence. If ancient landmarks are still present around the world, it makes its historical and cultural significance even more relevant today, because people can visit them, like the pyramids in Egypt. Game and software developers are able to meet their fascination with the past by marrying it to today’s technology. History has never been more current.

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