SEE: Top 5 Must-Do’s In Moscow

You’ve got to take it all in, with caviar and vodka, of course!

Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung

Home to 12.2 residents, Moscow is the largest and the capital city of Russia. Full of dynamic culture and sordid history, Moscow is becoming a hot destination for today’s jetsetter looking for authentic experiences unlike any other major city in the world.

Spending a few days in Moscow is a must as the city is large so there’s almost too much to see and do. If you’re short on time, however, we’ve narrowed it down to 5 excellent things to check off your bucket list, in a city that keeps modernizing and progressing. You’ve got to take it all in, with caviar and vodka in hand, of course!

Moscow Russia Red Square
PHOTO Wendy Hung

1. Spend at least a few hours in Red Square, then shop a little at GUM.

Red Square is hard to just “stroll through” since it’s massive and covers many famous landmarks. Red Square is often referred to as the central square of Moscow since it connects many highways and different focal points in the city. In the southern part, you’ll see the gorgeous Saint Basil’s Cathedral, extraordinary palaces and Kremlin cathedrals. You’ll also see Lenin’s Mausoleum here, where his embalmed body can be seen (no bags or cameras allowed.)

There are always lots of festivities happening on the east part of Red Square, especially near the entrance of GUM department store, which is located next to Kazan Cathedral. On the north side of the square, you can check out State Historical Museum and Iberian Gate and Chapel.

Red Square Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung


Red Square St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung

2. Continue on at Moscow Kremlin, Kremlin Wall & Towers.

Translated to “fortress inside a city,” Kremlin is where the Russian Federation governs from. Back in 1922 – 1991, it held the highest members of the Soviet Union. A 10-minute walk from Red Square, the Kremlin Wall is accompanied by twenty Kremlin Towers.

Kremlin Wall, Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung


Kremlin, Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung

3. Even if you have a driver, take the metro!

It’s like strolling through an art gallery. Moscow Metro is world-renowned as it should be. The breathtakingly beautiful stations make this the 6th longest metro in the world and the busiest metro system outside of Asia.

As one of USSR’s most ambitious architectural projects, each of the Moscow Metro stop feature different and unique designs with colorful marbles, high ceilings and sparkly chandeliers. During the Cold War, it served as shelter and was the result of Stalin’s Five Year Plan during the era of industrialism.

Metro, Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung


Metro system, Moscow Russia
PHOTO Wendy Hung

4. Like drinking tea in England, you need to sip on Vodka in Moscow.

Indulging in vodka in Russia is a must, but where should you go? We highly recommend Cafe Pushkin for a great meal paired with tasty drinks. Or Strelka Bar which is hosted by the city’s best bartenders serving up delicious cocktails.

Facebook Bar Strelka Moscow Russia
Photo: Facebook/Bar Strelka


Facebook Bar Strelka Moscow Russia crowd
Photo: Facebook/Bar Strelka

5. Explore your artistic side at The State Tretyakov Gallery, then end the night at Bolshoi Theater for classic Russian ballet or opera.

The Bolshoi Theater itself is a landmark in Moscow, with the Bolshoi Ballet being the biggest ballet company in the world showcasing 200+ dancers. Meanwhile, The State Tretyakov Gallery is one of the best galleries featuring Russian fine art. For any art fanatics, this is a complete must.

Facebook The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow Russia.jpg
Photo: Facebook/The State Tretyakov Gallery



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