Discover The Wild By Embarking On A Safari In The Masai Mara

Nothing beats watching animals in their natural habitats.

Discover the Wild by Embarking on a Safari in the Masai Mara


Peace engulfs you as you watch the gazelles prancing across the savannah and the lions yawning under the acacia trees in the Serengeti. Not only is the experience fascinating, but it also awakens you to the beauty of African safaris. But as you may have guessed, you’ll need a valid passport to embark on such a trip. Luckily, Travel Visa Pro can get you one in just days, regardless of whether you need a new passport, are renewing an expired passport, or are replacing a lost or damaged one. So, why should the Mara be your next adventure?

What Awaits You in the Mara?

One fantastic thing about a Masai Mara trip is that you can tour Kenya and Tanzania simultaneously! This amazing national park stretches from Kenya and enters Tanzania, becoming the Serengeti. And because of the Wildebeest migration, you can follow these majestic animals from one country to another. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s outline the top reasons for a Mara tour:

1.   Animal Diversity

Most national parks feature a few species. After you’ve watched a buffalo herd for the umpteenth time, the journey becomes a bit predictable. But not in the Mara. One minute, you’re taking snapshots of lions resting under the trees. And the next, you are watching hyenas, gazelles, elephants, and more. You may have watched the BBC Big Cat Diaries series and wondered where they find these majestic cats. Spoiler alert – they are in the Mara, and you will have the chance to get up close with them.

A great thing about the Mara is the timings. You can head out to the park in the morning to watch the animals as they start their day. And you can also take an evening drive to watch the nocturnal animals as they hunt for food. If you can, catch both drives to get the best out of the park.

2.   Delicious Bush Dinners

Foodies love game drives in the Mara because they often culminate in tasty bush dinners. Picture yourself eating freshly-prepared game meat in the savannah and watching as animals graze just yards from you. These dinners are best as the sun sets across the savannah. There is truly nothing that comes close to this.

3.   The Wildebeest Migration

Is this list even complete if we fail to mention the top attraction in the Mara? The wildebeestes cross to Masai Mara from the Serengeti between July and October. You get to watch them bravely enter the Mara River, where crocodiles and lions await them. As much as the scene can get bloody, it is one of the most fantastic experiences ever. No wonder it put the Mara on the World Wonders’ Map!

4.   Glamorous Hot Air Balloon Rides

What beats a game drive through the savannah? Gliding across it in a hot air balloon! These balloons combine the thrill of safaris with the adrenaline of being airlifted. Where else will you get such a combination? We should add that the pictures and videos from balloon rides are worth the adrenaline rush.

5.   Amazing Lodges

If you’ve ever wanted to get away, live in the wild, and enjoy tranquility, the lodges in the Mara give you just that! They are set in the park, with some just yards from the park. And because of this proximity to animals, you wake up to sights and sounds of animals grazing around you. Plus, the starry nights are on another level!

6.   The Masai Culture

People who have yet to go to Kenya have heard about the Masai. But hearing about the community and living among them are two different things. You will learn more about their customs as you watch their dances, enjoy traditional Masai meals, and interact with their arts. Their jewelry also looks impressive. And if you believe in superstition, you just might get something to help you with anything holding you back in life!

7.   The Beautiful Birds

Aside from the ostriches which proudly walk around in the park, bird-watchers have an amazing time sighting different types of birds. Currently, at least 550 bird species are in the reserve. So, if you’ve been hoping to rest your eyes on a white-tipped crest or a wary guinea fowl, you know the next stamp on your passport.

8.   Conservation Participation

Visiting the Mara is a great and fun way to support the environmental conservation efforts in Kenya and Tanzania. Most of the profits go into paying the people working in the park, those who look after the animals, and the scientists and environmentalists tasked with research and implementation. Besides, the money also benefits the local communities, which pushes them to support the conservation measures.


The Mara is more than just the big cats. You not only get to interact with animals, but you also get the chance to live in the wild as you may have fantasized. So, if the thought of waking up to hyena laughs, dining in the wild, and riding hot air balloons over elephant herds excites you, we have a fantastic idea!

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