Best Islands To Visit When Sailing The Aegean Sea

You may struggle for choice on where to anchor whilst travelling through the beautiful Aegean Sea – with more than two thousand islands throughout its over two hundred thousand square kilometre area, there’s no telling which of them is bound to become your brand-new favourite getaway destination.

Best Islands To Visit When Sailing The Aegean Sea


Once an important trade route, the Aegean Sea and its many islands can now be traversed freely for leisure. Whether by sailboat, or with the use of luxury catamaran, be sure to find the best choice for helping you in beginning your Aegean adventure.


Along with Santorini, Mykonos is one of the most famous and popular islands of the Aegean Sea and the Cyclades islands. Known for its nonstop nightlife, Mykonos is the perfect destination if you love partying and the beach. Other attractions include opportunities for mountain bike tours through quiet dirt paths and past traditional villages. You may also wish to visit the Mykonos windmills, a row of seven white windmills believed to have been built over four centuries ago.

Visit Little Venice by the seaside to enjoy a drink or meal while watching the gorgeous Mykonos sunset. There are even opportunities for wine tasting, should you wish to venture deeper into the Mykonos countryside. If you’re after a cut of meme-based decadence, make a reservation at Nusr-Et, a restaurant owned by the internet famous Nusret Gökçe – also known as “Salt Bae”.


Naxos is in the south and is the largest island of the Cyclades. Less crowded than Mykonos, yet still a popular destination for tourists, Naxos is the site of many interesting historical ruins and sights. It is also a great destination to find a quieter beach to enjoy, or to hike through mountains and boast that you made it to the highest point of the Cyclades at the peak of Mount Zas.

You may also wish to hike through to Apano Kastro. Now merely an impressive set of ruins, Apano Kastro was once an important fortified position up to Venetian times. These ruins largely consist of what were once churches – the area was uninhabited, largely having been used in ancient times as a place of refuge during raids.


A volcanic island, the volcano that centres Milos has been dormant since ancient times. This volcanic activity has resulted in some gorgeous natural landscapes and structures. Milos was once famous for its pirate activity, long ago having served as one of their main naval outposts.

Explore the relatively recent shipwreck of Africa, which was beached at Sarakiniko in 2003. Dive through its remains and marvel at the sea’s unrelenting drive to reclaim all and every sort of material back as part of itself. Whilst diving around Milos, you may also be lucky enough to spot a Mediterranean monk seal, a critically endangered species native to the Aegean Sea.


The island of Rhodes is another very popular tourist destination, being the capital of the Dodecanese islands. Along with stunning natural beauty, including its beaches and pine woods, Rhodes is known also for its historical sites and architecture. The island was once the site of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This statue of Helios stood at over a hundred feet tall, similar in height to the Statue of Liberty.

Rhodes Old Town is one of the most well-preserved mediaeval cities in Europe and is still inhabited today, having been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. There are many adventures to be had whilst getting lost in this beautiful little town – book accommodation in residences which were once occupied by 14th-century knights or walk atop castle walls and see the beautiful scenery below.


Kos is another island with a rich history, along with pristine beaches and natural beauty. The island is famous for having been the birthplace and home of Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. Kos is known also for its nightlife and incredible food.

Witness the Tree of Hippocrates, which is in its current incarnation around five hundred years old – though this tree is said to have replaced one which was frequented by Hippocrates, who would sit beneath its shade and teach his students. If on a trip with younger family members, you may also consider a trip out to the Lido Water Park. There are other ancient pieces of architecture to see, too, such as the Asklepion, a kind of ancient hospital and sacred place.

The Aegean Sea has a diverse and inviting set of islands within it – the best of them is most clearly defined by what you yourself would like out of a vacation spot. Of course, throughout all these destinations, each one of them are above all else known for their serene and picturesque beaches. So, if nothing else takes your fancy, be sure to find your own little secluded spot to get in some much-needed rest and relaxation.

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