5 Tips On How To Book The Perfect Luxurious Vacation

Get the most value from your hard earned dollars!

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Vacation is all about having fun and gaining new experiences along the way, whether or not you have the means to travel. Most seasoned explorers know that it is possible to have a life-changing experience without having to drain your saving account, although there are some travelers out there who can definitely afford extravagant vacations.

Here are five tips on how to book the perfect luxurious vacation that will help you get the most value from your hard earned dollars!

1. Spend Happy Hour Wisely

Although booking a five-star accommodation for a long vacation may be out of your budget, you can still dabble in luxury by visiting an upscale venue around cocktail hour. According to Andrew McCarthy, an actor-turned-travel writer, you can stay in a cheap hotel while on vacation and still slip to a fancy hotel at cocktail hour and have a great time.

2. Know When To Fly

You can score business class airfare for an economy price by traveling when the business season slows down. The demand for economy class booms during school holidays, as airlines struggle to fill their business class seats, which provides the best opportunity to fly in business class for the price of an economy seat. During school holiday seasons, many airlines occasionally launch a 2-for-1 business class sale for a limited time; keep an eye out for these offers if you are traveling with your family.

3. Travel To Emerging Destinations

Trending and popular travel destinations are much expensive than emerging destinations – and for good reason. You can save big on traveling without having to compromise too much on luxury by choosing an up-and-coming destination. There are some emerging destinations where you can have a five-star experience without having to dig too much in your savings, such as enjoying your time in the beautiful Bahama cruises with Celebrity.

4. Stay At New Hotels

New hotels will do anything to get you to book a stay because they are looking for customers and new reviews. This may involve allowing you to negotiate your price. Newly opened luxury hotels often feature reduced prices, so you should try and make use of these limited-time offers. Some travelers have been using this trick for years to save while traveling.

5. Travel During The Off-Season

Due to the low number of travelers in the off-peak seasons, luxury hotels often lower their cost to attract as many customers as possible. These seasons usually have similar weather and experiences to peak season but at reduced costs, although it could mean exploring some areas, dodging hurricanes in tropical destinations or enduring the bitter cold in other locations.

Any traveler dreams to have a great vacation but it can be a bit tricky especially if you are traveling on a budget. Finding a luxurious vacation to book at a reasonable cost requires both time and effort. For anyone looking to experience a luxurious vacation with an eye on budget, these travel hacks are made for you!

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