Meet Our Twitter Jetsetters For The Month Of June


During the month of June, we continued with our campaign #Jetsetteroftheday highlighting our favorite travel bloggers on Twitter. Meet our #Jettersettersoftheday for the month of June:


Glowabroad is originally from California. She is now living in Taiwan. She loves to travel alone and find the best vegetarian restaurants wherever she is visiting.



Nicole Lockwood is a freelance travel the lifestyle writer from New York. She is very interested in health and fashion. In fact, she always finds amazing vegan restaurants when traveling.

Nicole Lockwood


Travelopulent created an online travel resource giving great information about where to go, places to stay, the best restaurants to eat at, and local events going on in South Africa. She also founded the community and Twitter chat #TravelChatSA.



Piccavey is from the UK. However, she moved to Spain in 1998. She currently resides in Granada and writes about the food, culture, and amazing sights of Spain.



Cat Higgy is just your average Joe who decided to travel the world. She inspires us to break out of our comfort zone and explore the world. Currently, she is traveling in Spain.

Cat Higgy

Who do you think should be our Twitter’s Jetsetter of the day? Let us know by tweeting @jetsettimes.

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