6 Tell-Tale Signs Mardi Gras Is On It’s Way In The Big Easy

Tis the season of Mardi Gras in the Big Easy!

mardi gras

’Do you want to know how I can tell? Here are 6 early tell-tale signs I have noticed in the past week that Fat Tuesday is imminent:

1. Not one parade has rolled and I have already eaten my weight in King Cake and Crawfish.

For those on the away team, King Cake is somewhere between cake and bread, formed into a big O with icing on top. It is tradition to hide a plastic baby somewhere in the cake. Whoever gets the piece with the baby has to buy the next cake, so there always seems to be one around. That at least explains why I’ve already eaten so much King Cake this season. If you are wondering how I’ve eaten so much crawfish, it’s simply because they are God’s gift to earth.

2. We just had a tornado touch down in the area.

This weekend the weather was so cold I had to pull out the winter coat but yesterday it was so hot I was sweating on my walk to work. Or maybe that was the humidity? Either way, the weather has been ALL OVER THE PLACE! Mardi Gras weather is notoriously unpredictable. Two years ago I froze, last year I sweat my butt off. New Orleans weathermen must have mental breakdowns this time of year, I swear.

mardi gras

3. At my soccer game in city park this weekend I spotted a line of middle aged women in bright, tight workout clothes all dancing in unison…

and dancing oddly well. Were they a traveling zumba class? Nope! They’re a Mardi Gras dance group practicing their moves for the parade, thus illustrating one of my other favorite things about this city: you can be a baller at any age. Seriously, these women have moves. I hope I’m that cool when I grow up.

4. The colors purple, green and gold start showing up everywhere.

The lights that shine on the Superdome, decorations on houses, glitter colors in the make-up section at Rite Aid, even…food?

mardi gras

5. People I haven’t talked to in years are getting in touch and asking if they can crash on my sofa.

This is at once awesome – I get to hang with some really cool people – and awful because, let’s face it, my house ain’t that big.

6. And for a little lagniappe, you want to know one thing that absolutely does not mean Mardi Gras?

BOOBS! The only tits you’ll see in this city are on Bourbon Street and attached to people who have never been here before. I mean really, you just try flashing in the middle of a family parade uptown. There’s a good chance you’ll get cursed out by someone’s grandma who has been staking out the family’s street side spot since yesterday and has no need for your exposed boobies around her grandchildren, thank you very much!

But the best way to really tell that Mardi Gras is on the way is that everyone is just so crazy excited! I mean really, the whole city shuts down to get drunk together, eat great food, and celebrate as only we know how. Man, I can’t wait 🙂

Hillary Kurland


Hillary is an adventurous traveler, who loves to skydive, explore inside pyramids and is a certified scuba diver. Her favorite travel destination is the one she's headed to next!

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