7 Of The Best Foods At Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair was back again with more than one could eat.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair. Photo by Hugh McCann on Unsplash

The Minnesota State Fair was open from August 25th to September 5th. The “Great Minnesota Get-Together”, what Minnesotans like to call it, is known as the United States largest state fair and the most popular. Minnesotans do not hold back on these two weeks of cultural foods. Try everything savory like fried pickles and egg roll on a stick to sweet like freshly baked chocolate cookies and crêpes. With 322 acres full of food vendors, here is my guide to the top seven hotspot vendors to visit on the fairgrounds.

1. Sweet Martha’s Cookies

Sweet Martha’s Cookies
Sweet Martha’s Cookies. Photo: Precious Vue

Producing nearly 3 million chocolate chip cookies every day, Sweet Martha’s Cookies is the only vendor that offers three spots scattered on the fair grounds. You cannot miss out on a $20 bucket full of fresh, baked goods. The smell is irresistible and especially unmissable with everyone carrying buckets of cookies everywhere.

2. The Perfect Pickle

The Perfect Pickle
The Perfect Pickle. Photo: Precious Vue

Whether it’s fried or on a stick, The Perfect Pickle is the place every pickle lover must try out. Find this vendor on Southwest corner of West Dan Patch Avenue & Liggett Street. Choose between four flavors all served with ranch: The Perfect (original,) Cajun (spicy,) Gourmet (filled with cream cheese,) and Naked. Personally, nothing beats the original.

3. Union Hmong Kitchen

Union Hmong Kitchen
Union Hmong Kitchen. Photo: Precious Vue

Don’t miss out on Minnesota State Fair’s first Hmong food vendor located at the International Bazaar, south wall, west corner. Union Hmong Kitchen serves traditional Hmong foods ranging from meat, fish, tofu, and refreshments. Its menu is also gluten-free and provides vegetarian-friendly dishes. Don’t miss a plate of Mov + Nqaij (meat with purple sticky rice.) The lines start piling up fast so be sure to be an early one.

4. Manny’s Tortas

Manny’s Tortas
Manny’s Tortas. Photo: Precious Vue

Located in the Food Building, Manny’s Tortas serves Cuban gourmet Mexican tortas. One of my favorites is the non-alcoholic pina coladas served in a fresh pineapple. It’s a refreshing, sweet, and fruity way to stay hydrated, especially in the Minnesota summer heat.

5. The Mouth Trap

The Mouth Trap
The Mouth Trap. Photo: Precious Vue

Another vendor located in the Food Building, The Mouth Trap Cheese Curds serves mouth-drooling, battered deep-fried cheese curds. It’s enough to keep you satisfied but not too full for the other treats.

6. Que Viet Concessions

Que Viet Concessions
Que Viet Concessions. Photo: Precious Vue

Que Viet Concessions stands on the East side of Cooper St. outside the Merchandise Mart. This Vietnamese concession sells foods like garlic cream cheese wontons, Vietnamese iced coffee, and egg roll on a stick. Its garlic cream cheese wontons had my friends and I coming back for seconds.

7. Rick’s Pizza

Rick’s Pizza
Rick’s Pizza. Photo: Precious Vue

Pickles on a pizza? A new addition to the Minnesota State Fair, Rick’s Pizza serves pizza, no surprise there. From traditional cheese and pepperoni to pickles on a pizza – this is a must-try for everyone. The dish is made with pizza dough topped with dill ranch sauce, mozzarella, dill pickles, and finished with dill weed seasoning. Find lines on the West side of Cosgrove Street.

Precious Vue

Contributing Editor

Precious is a Hmong-American from Minnesota. She utilizes traveling to recognize humanity within differing world cultures. Precious is made of the memories through her travels in Europe and North America. Her favorite countries so far have been France, Germany, and Italy. When she is not traveling, she is either reading or finding ways to enter Mount Olympus.

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