Where Was “Shotgun Wedding” On Amazon Prime Filmed?

Say “I Do” to the Dominican Republic in Amazon Prime’s “Shotgun Wedding.”

This destination wedding is not something to put on a postcard, but the location, the Dominican Republic, sure is. Follow Darcy Rivera (Jennifer Lopez) and Tom Fowler (Josh Dumahel) as they race to the altar at a five-star resort in the Philippines. It seems perfect until they start dodging the bullets from money-thirsty pirates. Join the rest of the star-studded guests including Lenny Kravitz, Jennifer Coolidge and D’Arcy Carden.

Shotgun Wedding
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ANI Dominican Republic

ANI Dominican Republic
anidominican via Instagram

The ANI Dominican Republic Resort masquerades as the luxury resort where the disastrous day begins. This gorgeous getaway provides a backdrop for the majority of the film. By the end of the day, there are whole parts of the oasis that are destroyed. If you were to travel there today, however, you would find the ANI to be in perfect condition, ready for any of your vacation needs.

The infinity pool where the wedding guests spend most of their time during the movie, offers a more tranquil experience than Darcy’s mother-in-law, Carol (Jennifer Coolidge.) ANI also boasts that, “every detail of your event – be it a sun-kissed alfresco ceremony or a banquet beneath the stars – is taken care of with finesse, discretion, and faultless generosity.”  This generosity hopefully includes the fighting of a pirate, just as the concierge, Margy, played by Selena Tan, did for the bloodstained bride and groom.

Mahal Forest Resort

Mahal Forest Resort
Maureen Hontiveros Arenos via Facebook

The Mahal Forest Resort in the Philippines is the inspiration behind the fictional resort that is set in the Philippines called the Mahal Island Resort. The Mahal Island Resort is just a CGI image over an aerial shot of the north coast where the private island lies.

The Playa Grande

The Playa Grande
Instagram: todo.dominicana

The Playa Grande was used for the beach scenes throughout the film. This beach is much less bullet ridden than the sandy, shell-covered dunes showcased in “Shotgun Wedding.”  Although it seemingly steps away from the venue, the Playa Grande is a ten-minute drive on the coast; surrounded by palm trees, surfers, and restaurants, much more populated than the sandy abyss Darcy was running along.

The Samaná Peninsula

The Samaná Peninsula
deinteressamana via Instagram

The Samaná Peninsula was used as the canvas for the jungle scenes, including the golf cart ride in hell, where Jennifer Lopez created a human flame thrower out of her captor, jogged through the large palm leaves and escaped all the while looking stunning in a white wedding dress. The Samaná Peninsula is located “on a thin strip of land poking out from the Dominican Republic’s northeast corner into the Atlantic Ocean.”

Monkeyland Park

Monkeyland Park
runneradventures via Instagram

Monkeyland Park is featured in a hilarious scene where Darcy and Tom must outrun the pirates on zipline after acquiring cell service from its high tower. According to its website, Monkeyland in Punta Cana, is home to “one of the longest zip lines in the Caribbean, and the lengthiest in the Dominican Republic.” This adventure also allows for visitors to interact with the monkeys for a full 45 minutes.

Pinewood Studios Dominican Republic

The Horizon Water Tank
cinedominicanoreporte via Instagram

While common sense would allow the viewer to assume that if the film was shot at ANI Resort Dominican Republic, the directors would use one of the infinity pools in the hotel, those water scenes with the hostages were filmed at Pinewood Studios Dominican Republic, located in the heart of the Caribbean or home to the The Horizon Water Tank. The website explains the speciality of the tank, including “the 8 acre water effects facility includes a 60,500 sq ft horizon water tank with 4,300 sq ft inner tank and blue screen capabilities.”

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