Where Was Netflix’s “The School For Good And Evil” Filmed?

Study up on the hills of Northern Ireland in The School For Good and Evil.

Northern Ireland plays host to the magic of friendship in Netflix’s The School For Good and Evil. Follow Agatha (Sofia Wylie) and Sophie (Sophia Ann Cruso) as they’re whisked away from everyday lives into a realm of princesses and witches. Torn from each other and mistakenly put in the wrong schools, the two must fight to fit in and risk of losing their friendship forever.


Old Castle Archdale

Old Castle Archdale
Old Castle Archdale. Photo: scottedgarni via Instagram

Old Castle Archdale is featured in the opening battle between the twin founders of The School For Good and Evil, Rhian and Rafal. These battle grounds also become a memorial to Rhian after Rafal murdered him in cold blood. The real ruins do not have as gruesome of a history. Castle Archdale, located in the Ulster providence, was once a mighty fortress in 1615 and is now a tourist attraction where anyone can create pleasant memories.

Big Dog Forest

Big Dog Forest
Big Dog Forest. Photo: Brian Milne via Facebook

Big Dog Forest is the backdrop for the girls’ hometown before they are transported to The School For Good and Evil. This wooded area provides the perfect atmosphere for that of a magical forest. It is in these trees that Sophie makes the wish to be accepted as a princess and thus is the catalyst for the adventure. Big Dog Forest provides a trail that is “great for hiking, running, and walking, and it’s unlikely you’ll encounter many other people while exploring.” Unless of course, you drag your best friend along.

Mount Stewart

Mount Stewart
Mount Stewart. Photo: NTmountstewart via Facebook

Mount Stewart is used in The School For Good and Evil as the space where Agatha finally unlocks her powers. While wishing into the pond, she unknowingly frees a spirit that has been trapped there for centuries. This act of selflessness shows Professor Clarissa Dovey (played by Kerry Washington) just how powerful Agatha is. Mount Stewart may not hold strong magical beings inside its walls but according to its website, “The garden at Mount Stewart is unique and of rare quality, being one of the few late compartmentalized Arts and Crafts-like gardens.” Come and experience the beauty that lies within, just as was found in Agatha.

Woodburn Forest

Woodburn Forest
Woodburn Forest. Photo: weeflowerpotty via Instagram

The Woodburn Forest casts a shadow on nature as the dark woods that Agatha tries to escape the evil spirits in. The eerie glow and abundance of twisted trees create the perfect ambiance to send shivers up someone’s spine. In the daytime,  forest is “An extensive area of mainly coniferous woodlands beside the Woodburn reservoirs, near Carrickfergus.” It is not filled with evil spirits that chase you, but watch out for broken twigs and leaves covering the trails.

St. Peter’s Church

St Peters Church, Ireland
PHOTO St Peters Church, Ireland

St. Peter’s Church is the backdrop for The School For Evil. The stained glass is illuminating Sophie as she embraces her dark side. According to the website, “St. Peter’s Church of Ireland is built on a site which has been a centre of worship at least since the founding of the town of Drogheda itself.”

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