All The Filming Locations In “My Policeman”

Explore England throughout the decades in Amazon Prime’s My Policeman.

In this British melodrama spanning over 40 years, a young Tom Burgess (Harry Styles) is the aforementioned policeman, who engages in an illegal affair with a museum worker named Patrick (Rupert Everett.)

My Policeman

Years after the affair has ended, Tom is left to care for an ailing Patrick alongside his wife, Marion (played by Gina McKee,) who is struggling to save their doomed marriage. Here are all the filming locations of My Policeman throughout England.


The Peacehaven Cliffs

The Peacehaven Cliffs
The Peacehaven Cliffs. Photo: _csnori_  via Instagram

The Peacehaven Cliffs become a character of their own from the very first scene. These cliffs play backdrop to numerous important scenes in both the past (the 1950’s) and in the present of the 1990’s. It is the first introduction to Marion and Tom. Later, it almost spells the end for Tom and Patrick. According to its website, “Peacehaven is located above the chalk cliffs in East Sussex, where the top southern dip of the South Downs has been eroded by the English Channel.”

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. Photo: travelweekli via Instagram

As Patrick is a museum curator, it does seem fitting to have the museum where he spent his life on the list. Not only do the two have clandestine dates between impressionist artists, but the museum is the downfall to their entire relationship, as the museum reports Patrick to the police as a “raging homosexual.” Brighton Museum & Art Gallery still stands today just as it did in the fifties. Inside these walls, all are welcome to enjoy the escape that art offers. The museum boasts that it’s “continually surprising people, including ourselves loved by locals, and treasured by the world inspiring, and inspired by the community around us, sparking curiosity, starting conversations, and sharing stories championing progress, diversity and sustainability.”

Hitchin Swimming Centre

Hitchin Swimming Centre
Hitchin Swimming Centre. Photo: chlorine_chasers via Instagram

Hitchin Swimming Centre in London is front and center in one of the few happy scenes that we, the audience, see between Marion and Tom. Near the beginning of the film, as Marion sits on the beach, she exclaims about not knowing how to swim. Tom is all too happy to teach her, but Marion refuses to dive into the ocean, leaving him to suggest the local pool. Hitchin Swimming Centre explains on its website, “The 50m heated outdoor pool is currently open for lane swimming and family swimming sessions.” Sadly, it does not include a shirtless Harry Styles.

Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier
Brighton Palace Pier. Photo: sussex_girl_photography via Instagram

Brighton Palace Pier is featured during a date montage for Marion and Tom. In a classic romantic comedy cliché, Tom wins Marion a stuffed bear on the carnival game. Brighton Palace Pier has a long history in England, built in 1932, and is filled to the brim with games new and old, for players of all ages. Gates open at 11 A.M. Monday through Friday so you too can experience a slice of childhood.

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