Where Was “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves” Filmed?

Roll initiative and invade the lands in England and Ireland with your party in “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.”

Lead your campaign with dignity as we give you the battle map to these locations in England and Northern Ireland from “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.” Watch as a bard Edgin Darvis (Chris Pine,) a barbarian outcast Holga Kilgore (Michelle Rodrigez,) and an amateur sorcerer Simon Amur (Justice Smith) team up to rescue Edgin’s daughter, Kira (Chloe Coleman) from rogue Forge Fitzwilliam (Hugh Grant.) The party must face danger around every corner as they stay one step ahead of The Red Wizard – the person responsible for the murder of Edgin’s wife. This fantasy comedy will have you wanting to take your chances and create your own adventure, becoming intrepid heroes from faraway lands. Luckily for you, these lands aren’t so far away, and you can see them for yourself.


Foley’s Bridge

Foley's Bridge
Foley’s Bridge. Photo: born2adventureni via Instagram

Foley’s Bridge features in a flashback scene in which Edgin Darvis is joining The Harpers, an order of peace keepers within NeverWinter. This bridge plays host to one of the last happy memories of Edgin’s life, before the tragedy of his wife’s murder shatters his worldview. Located in Northern Ireland, within Tollymore Forest Park in County Down, this structure fits perfectly into the realm of faerie and fae. Built in the 18th Century, it exudes a kind of magic that must be felt by all visitors. The park holds an interesting backstory (not just for Edgin,) but as Ireland’s first national forest park. Its history dates back to 1730 and Foley’s Bridge is one of 16 masterful works of stonemasonry displayed here.

Glenarm Castle and Barbican Gate

Glenarm Castle
Glenarm Castle Photo: amy_boyington


Barbican Gate
Barbican Gate. discoverni via Instagram

Glenarm Castle and Barbican Gate are featured in a heist meant to introduce the rest of the party. First, Edgin crosses Barbican Gate as a member of the Harpers, but by the time he exits Glenarm Castle (with Kira, Holga, Forge, and Simon in tow,) he is a disgraced thief. Though Edgin’s position changed in a matter of seconds, the castle and its gate are a steadfast fixture in Northern Ireland. According to its history, Glenarm Castle was “built on its present site by Randal MacDonnell, 1st Earl of Antrim in 1636. Only six years later, however, in 1642, the house was burned by a Scots Covenanter army who were attacking the royalist MacDonnells.” The Barbican Gate was constructed in 1825 as measure of protection for the royals inside, but now is leased by Irish Landmark Trust, “who have renovated the building and turned it into delightful holiday accommodation.” Vacationers should stay longer than our thieves and enjoy the views and poolside amenities of this lavish retreat.

Dún Briste Sea Stack

Dún Briste Sea Stack
Dún Briste Sea Stack. Photo: mayonorth via Instagram

The Dún Briste Sea Stack is the exterior of the “final” heist for Edgin. In all his years stealing, Edgin had one goal to provide for Kira. With this heist of The Korinn stronghold, Edgin hopes to steal “The Tablet of Reawakening” to give Kira the one thing he cannot provide: her mother. Inside the stronghold, Edgin and Holga are betrayed by Forge, who then turns Kira against her father with a web of lies about greed and selfishness. Forge then imprisons both Edgin and Holga to reinforce his lies. The Dún Briste Sea Stack may seem isolated in the ariel view, but the Western Irish Coast is far from barren, “Dún Briste (Gaelic for Broken Fort) was once joined to the mainland and now, it is a safe haven for a vast array of bird species at nesting time.”

Bourne Wood

Bourne Wood
Bourne Wood. Photo: thesurreyguide via Instagram

The Bourne Wood in England introduces yet another adventurer willing to risk their life to fight Forge. This shapeshifter tiefling named Doric (Sophia Lillis,) who has a bit of history with Simon, although whether or not she remembers that history remains to be seen. These woods provide a gorgeous backdrop for such a bloody massacre as Doric maims all those desperate to execute her. This area is also heavily trafficked by filmmakers, “Since 1999 numerous films, commercials, television programmes and music videos have been filmed here!”

Ballintoy Harbor

Ballintoy Harbor
Ballintoy Harbor. Photo: ireland.explores via Instagram

Ballintoy Harbor hosts the heroes at their lowest. After failing against the Red Wizard, the ragtag crew washes up onto the beach, where tempers flare and the party almost disbands but not before a rousing speech by Edgin to refocus the group on their goal and the urgency of the mission. This scene is half filmed in darkness so there are only a few shots where Ballintoy Harbor may be recognizable to the people of Northern Ireland. Located right on the coastline, this harbor is no stranger to films or emotional speeches as it has been a frequent host to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick Castle. Dungeons and Dragons
Alnwick Castle. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Alnwick Castle is the battleground for The High Sun Games, a “Hunger Games-que” arena fight in which the gang now unwillingly must participate after Edgin is captured by Forge. The stadium, filled with townspeople thirsty for blood, is a stage, however, the castle is not. Its website states that, “The second largest inhabited castle in the UK, Alnwick has served as a military outpost, a teaching college, a refuge for evacuees, a film set, and not least as a family home. Delve deeper into this extraordinary history and travel through the centuries of this living, evolving castle.”

Wells Cathedral

Dungeons and Dragons
Wells Cathedral. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Wells Cathedral is featured frequently as Forge’s estate and where Kira is unknowingly held captive. The main hall is shown when Kira and Edgin have that chilly reunion. Then it is utilized again when Edgin breaks into the vault to gain access to the relic and is involved in a foot-chase with the guards. It’s like he forgets that unlike visitors to the historic Wells Cathedral, Edgin is an outlaw and a fugitive. Located in Somerset, this cathedral is open to anyone who wishes to worship here, bards and druids alike.

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