Discover Where Football’s Most Popular Players Holiday In The Off Season

Football, the beautiful game, produces some of the wealthiest and most influential sports stars on the planet.


These young sports stars have ample cash to spend on life’s luxuries, including buying the latest cars and designer clothes, as well as taking envy-inspiring trips and holidays around the world.

The footballing elite has managed to rack up millions of fans and followers across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offering a sneak peek into their lives.

We’ve rounded up three of the most popular footballers on social media: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar Jr to look at where the sport’s rich and successful travel in their downtime.

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a true superstar, often mentioned in the same breath as Cristiano Ronaldo – and depending on whom you ask it’s usually a toss-up between these two for the title of greatest living footballer. Messi has been crowned the best player in the world a total of five times, making him one of the most decorated footballers in history. Not to mention, Messi has a huge social media following, clocking in at over 122 million followers and fans across all of his social media accounts.

The Argentinian has been spotted traveling in style on his super yacht around Ibiza. When one fan heard about the superstar’s luxurious yacht ride, the fan swam one kilometer out to sea to greet the Barcelona playmaker, and the adventurous fan was even invited onboard for a drink. Ibiza seems to be the destination of choice for La Liga’s footballers. In fact, Ronaldo and Messi both hired luxury yachts to holiday at the same place, at the exact same time. Their yachts even ended up being moored just feet away from each other.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
Flickr/Jan S0L0

Ronaldo is the king of cool and one of the most in demand athletes in the world, with everyone from top fashion designers, sports brands, and video game developers looking to work with the Portuguese superstar. His social media reach is phenomenal with nearly 93 million Instagram followers. He plays for Real Madrid, one of the most successful and widely supported football clubs in the world.

Having won 32 league titles, Real Madrid is on course to add yet another title to their collection, and they’re once again the bookies’ favorite to win the league. The race is still close, however, between Real Madrid and Barcelona, but if you like to take a punt, it could be a smart wager to take, especially if you take advantage of some bonus bets when you sign up with an online bookmaker for the first time.

Ronaldo is also an avid traveler, taking numerous breaks and holidays throughout the year. The superstar is particularly fond of Morocco, even defying travel bans imposed on him by his club to jet to the sun-drenched north African country. With the stakes being this high for Real Madrid, it’s no surprise that they’re eager to keep their star player happy and focused.

Neymar Jr

Neymar Jr
Flickr/Nazionale Calcio

Neymar is another Instagram heavyweight, with nearly 70 million followers. He’s the youngest on this list at only 25 years old. The Brazil and Barcelona forward has become renowned for his cheeky, light-hearted personality, which is evident with the hedonistic trips he’s taken lately.

The star had a whirlwind break in summer 2016, which saw him party his way across the USA, meeting Stephen Curry, Michael Jordan, and Justin Bieber in the process. Following this, the footballer was also spotted indulging in some fast food in London, as well as rubbing shoulders with Formula 1 pro Lewis Hamilton. Neymar, like his fellow La Liga superstars, has also spent time in Ibiza, regularly traveling to the island to recuperate during the offseason.

Ibiza’s the Destination of Choice for Football’s Giants

Three of the biggest football stars in the world have all taken a holiday on the Balearic island. Why? Well, it’s very close to where the players are based on mainland Spain, which means they can avoid long flights and can quickly return to training if needed.

Ibiza is also a very diverse destination, with everything from beaches, yoga retreats, national parks, and of course thriving nightlife – perfect for unwinding after a long, hard season. It’s also an extremely cool and trendy destination, and has been for many years. The fact that huge social influencers like the ones mentioned above also frequently visit the destination further reinforces the fact that Ibiza is still the place to be seen this summer.

If you had access to the kinds of traveling budgets that these three megastars do, where would you go? Would you head to Ibiza for a serene, secluded retreat, or would you head further afield? Get in touch to let us know your dream, unlimited-budget travel destinations.

Article written by STEVEN PARK.

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