Celebrity Travel Update: Easter Weekend Edition

What were your favorite stars up to over the weekend?

We’re back with another celebrity travel update to fill you in on where these celebs have been spending their time. As always, remember to stay safe and keep your mask on if you need to travel for any reason!

khloe kardashian celebs travel
Photo by @khloekardashian on Instagram 

The Kardashian-Jenners hit up Palm Springs for Easter!

We’d definitely expect the Kardashian-Jenner family to go all out for Easter weekend, and they didn’t disappoint. Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner shared pics of hanging by the pool on social media, accompanied by their daughters True and Stormi.

kim kardashian celebs easter
Photo by @kimkardashian on Instagram

The sisters look like they were having a blast on their weekend getaway in California. They weren’t the only members of the fam to catch some rays this week, though! Kim posted snaps of her and her kids with the caption “Mom life on vacay! #SpringBreak.”

kylie jenner
Photo by @kyliejenner on Instagram

Later she joined her sisters lounging in the sun, which Kylie posted some Instagram stories showing off tons of sweet desserts for the whole family. It’s clear that the Kardashian-Jenners are making the most of their Easter celebration!

Taylor Swift’s new album goes back to her roots

taylor swift
Video by @taylorswift on Instagram

That’s right, she’s back! Taylor Swift sent her fans into a frenzy this week after posting a video asking them to decode a message, which led to the names of her album’s tracks. Swifties were able to solve Swift’s clues and the star posted the song titles on her social media, shaking up even more excitement in the week leading up to her new album release.

Fearless (Taylor’s Version,) set to release on April 9, features other artists, including: Colbie Caillat, Maren Morris, along with Keith Urban who received a special shoutout from Swift.

BTS releases new Japanese track!

Photo by @bighit_ent on Instagram

The wildly popular South Korean boy band released a new song in Japanese this week that has fans talking non-stop. BTS released the new, heartbreaking music video along with the vocally stunning track “Film out.” This is far from their first song in Japanese, but it broke records held by their previous Japanese releases!

Many fans speculated over the video and the way it connects to past BTS music video storylines, what members of the ARMY call “Bangtan Universe” or “BTS Universe.” The song not only shows off their vocal abilities but has touched the hearts of many fans. This June, they’re also releasing an entire album in Japanese: BTS, The Best

Netflix wraps Season 2 of two fan-favorite shows

witcher netflix
Photo by @witchernetflix on Instagram

Fans of Netflix’s The Witcher and/or Outer Banks got some good news this week when they announced that season 2 of both shows have officially wrapped!

The Witcher, with stars like Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra, has been filming in Northern England for many months, in spots including: Fountains Abbey, Hodge Close, Blea Tarn, and more. If you want to step inside this universe, that’s where to start!

Photo by @obx on Instagram

Outer Banks, on the other hand, is filmed in a warmer climate in South Carolina. The first season was shot in Charleston, meanwhile the stars headed to Lowcountry and Summerville for the second season! Keep an eye out for these destinations in the new episodes!

Olivia Rodrigo impresses again with “Deja Vu”

olivia rodrigo
Photo by @oliviarodrigo on Instagram 

You know what a new song by Olivia Rodrigo means: it’s time to go for a drive! And what better place than where the “Driver’s License” singer shot her new music video? The song “Deja Vu” is already heading to the top of Spotify streaming charts. The video accompanying the single is perfect for summer, it’s no surprise that it was shot in Malibu.

The city is known for amazing waves and stunning beaches, which you can see in Rodrigo’s video. The beautiful shots of Malibu are definitely getting fans excited for more of Rodrigo’s music and for the next season!

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