All The Locations Where “Moon Knight” Was Filmed

This show takes fighting your inner demons to an astronomical level! In this case, however, it’s an Egyptian god…

Moon Knight

Disney’s newest Marvel limited series stars Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector-slash-Steven Grant-slash-Moon Knight and May Calamawy as Marc’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Layla. Moon Knight also stars Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow, F. Murray Abraham as the voice for Egyptian god Khonshu, the late Gaspard Ulliel as Anton Mogart-slash-Midnight Man, and Sofia Danu as Ammit.

The story begins with awkward, mild-mannered Steven Grant, who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, discovering that an Egyptian god called Khonshu takes over his body as mercenary Marc Spector when he relinquishes control.  And trust us, it gets crazier from there if you can believe it.

Moon Knight
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The main locations for the series are Budapest, Hungary, parts of Slovenia, and Jordan.


Moon Knight
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There was a lot of CGI incorporated in the series, which was done at Origo Studios when production was set up in Budapest. After all, the castle Steven woke up in front of was not going to appear there on its own. The studio has 8 soundstages, 2 multimedia stages and even 14 acres of backlot to work with. Other movies and series done here include: The Witcher, Monte Carlo, Shadow and Bone, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions and The Spy Who Dumped Me.


MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS BUDAPEST by City Park Avenue 1, Budapest on Facebook
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This museum was altered to replicate The British Museum in London, but really it was The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Steven Grant worked as a gift shop attendant (hoping to be promoted as a tour guide for the museum). The museum does feature a permanent Ancient Egypt exhibit that is available for visitors to view, along with Hungarian Art, Romanesque and Renaissance Halls etc. If you are a fan of Michelangelo’s works of art, they do have a Divine Seduction exhibit open until April 18th in their Michelangelo Hall.


MADACH SQUARE HUNGARY by Friends of Hungary on FacebookMADACH SQUARE HUNGARY by Friends of Hungary on Facebook
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The Madach Square’s history can stretch hundreds of years back, so much so that it has been placed under history protection. It is very accessible to visitors because of its three metro lines that meet in neighboring squares. Steven took the scenic route while running away from danger.


STRMA REBER, OSILNICA, SLOVENIA by Slovenian Consulate South Australia on Facebook
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This serpent-like road was where Steven was involved in a high-speed chase that led to many casualties. This road is very popular for bike riders to make their ascent down. This road may also look familiar if you are a fan of Mission Impossible. They also featured a high-speed chase on this road as well!


SZENTENDRE, HUNGARY by Szentendre Hivatalos Oldala on Facebook
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This popular tourist town is where Steven first meets Arthur Harrow, who had just killed an old woman in the name of an Egyptian goddess. This town’s grassroots are in its history, which explains why there are multiple museums in the vicinity. The cobblestone streets make for a beautiful stroll to the nearest pastry shop.


VAJDAHUNYAD CASTLE by Tucan Travel on Facebook
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This is the castle where we get our first exchange between Marc Spector and Khonshu, after Moon Knight takes out a jackal. Located in 14 City Park, the castle has artifacts and objects showcasing Hungarian history. It was built in 1896 and is a copy of the Hunyad Castle in Romania.


WADI RUM DESERT JORDAN by Etihad Airways on Facebook
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This desert from any vantage point looks like something out of the pages of The Bible. At the end of Moon Knight episode two, Marc reveals the view from his room of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. The nature preserve is said to be one of Jordan’s best kept secrets with its rare ecosystem of plants and animals.

You can catch Moon Knight on Disney+ every Wednesday!


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