All The Filming Locations Of “Anyone But You”

Follow this classic enemies-to-lovers couple as they fall for each other.

It is speculated that Anyone But You is inspired by Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. When Bea (Sydney Sweeney) urgently needs to use the bathroom, but the café shoots her down for not being a customer, Ben (Glen Powell) steps in to help. It leads them to an unforgettable first date at his apartment, making grilled cheese using the loaf of bread impulsively purchased from earlier. Shortly after ghosting each other, they discover Bea’s sister-in-law is, in fact, friends with Ben. The pair quickly realizes they will have to put up with each other for Bea’s sister’s wedding.

anyone but you filming locations
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Not so naturally, they become a fake couple after coming up with a game plan: Bea steers clear of her ex-fiancee, while Ben reunites with his old flame. Here’s a list of where Anyone But You was filmed.


Sydney Opera House

Anyone But You sydney
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Built in 1973, the Sydney Opera House can be spotted frequently as a backdrop in many scenes. The movie concludes with Bea and Ben sharing a kiss in front of the building. This world-famous attraction became a World Heritage Site in 2007 due to its innovation and creativity in architecture and design. Here, Indigenous Australians are honored with the Gadigal population and the native land on which the Opera House stands.

Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building Facebook
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When Ben and his friend Pete leave the beach house to pick up flowers for the wedding, they stroll just outside the renown Queen Victoria Building. Established in 1898, guests can shop for upscale brands and dine in over 20 restaurants. The interior has copper domes and a stained-glass roof, making it a great location for photography.


anyone but you

Pittwater is a bay in Sydney where the infamous yacht scenes were filmed. Here, Bea and Ben put their master plan into action by doing the iconic pose from the movie Titanic. At the bow of the ship, where everyone can see them. After finishing their act and letting go, Bea falls into the water, which leads Ben to quickly follow suit to save her, even though he’s not the best swimmer.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach
Photo by Bee Balogun on Unsplash

Although the beach house was located in Terrey Hills, the beach scenes were mostly filmed around Palm Beach. There are no private beaches in Australia, so most beach houses are further inland, requiring the film crew to have two locations in order to recreate a beachfront home. Director Will Gluck says everyone was able to enjoy reserved areas all to themselves.

Marks Park

Marks Park anyone but you
Photo by Larry Snickers on Pexels

The wedding took place at Marks Park, one of Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The cliff-top park has panoramic views of the coastline and ocean, with Bondi Beach being a 15-minute walk away. Nearby, travelers can enjoy a scenic, nearly 4-mile hike from Bondi to Coogee or take a look around the local farmers market. This location is recognized for being a prime photography spot.

Terrey Hills

Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club Facebook
Photo by Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club Facebook

The iconic beach house was filmed inland at a home in Terrey Hills, about 15 miles north of Sydney. Situated next to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, the neighborhood is surrounded by lush greenery and scenic views. This semi-rural area is perfect for families to reconnect with nature and wildlife.

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