All The Filming Locations Of Amazon Prime’s “The Idea Of You”

From Coachella to France, here’s the ultimate list of where The Idea Of You took place.

The prayers of rom-com fans have finally been heard; it seems that 2024 is the year when the genre par excellence of the 90s and 2000s will make its grand comeback. Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine star in “The Idea of You,” one of those love stories that must be accompanied by good chocolate ice cream and a pack of tissues.

The film is based on Robinne Lee’s eponymous book, which rose to fame in 2017 for being considered fanfiction about Harry Styles, something partially confirmed by the author. This theory is not hard to believe, as “The Idea of You” narrates the romantic relationship between Solène, a divorced mother who accompanies her daughter to the Coachella Festival, and Hayes Campbell, the singer of one of the successful bands performing at the event.

If there is a third protagonist in “The Idea of You,” it is undoubtedly the locations it showcases. From California, New York to France; all its dreamy settings serve to immerse us even more in this love drama.

Silver Lakes, Los Angeles

silver lake instagram
Photo by Silver Lake Instagram

The filming was done entirely in Georgia, specifically Atlanta and Savannah; nonetheless, the creators of “The Idea of You” managed to give an authentic look to every scene. Solène’s charming house, which can be rented in Atlanta through Airbnb, is supposedly in Silver Lakes, an important neighborhood in the northwest of Los Angeles.

The area is a blend of new trends and classic elegance of the hills, resulting in a unique architectural panorama. In fact, Silver Lakes is home to the largest concentration of houses designed by Richard Neutra.

The beautiful landscape of canyons near the southwest of Los Angeles River is showcased during other moments in the movie, especially in the opening scenes, where we can see landmarks like Sunset Junction and Silver Lakes Reservoir. The latter is an urban trail running along the lake, offering views of the mountains and plenty of amenities for family activities, even pets.


coachella instagram
Photo by Coachella Instagram

The world-famous Coachella Festival – which takes place every April in Indio, California – is definitely the key location of The Idea of You, as it is where the main characters meet. Solène and her daughter decide to take advantage of two VIP tickets to enjoy the band August Moon, however, chemistry explodes when the woman accidentally bumps into Hayes Campbell, right before the meet & greet.

Today, Coachella has transcended beyond just music; it has become a unique cultural experience which combines all arts in a festive and highly exclusive atmosphere. More than half of a million attendees, including some of the most influential celebrities, flock to enjoy highly demanded concerts every year.

While it is true that the event was prerecorded at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, the desert setting filled with palm trees and mountains is so faithfully reproduced that it’s practically impossible to realize it’s an imitation.


france instagram
Photo by France Instagram

The Mediterranean touch in The Idea of You is provided by the Southern French villa where Solène, Hayes, and the band relax for a few days. In reality, the compound is in Atlanta and consists of a pool house inspired by beach clubs, creating a seaside effect perfectly complemented by lush vegetation.

The dazzling 2000-square-foot swimming pool is surrounded by red-and-white cabana-stripe umbrellas, immersing the viewer in vacation scenery. On the other hand, the scenes in Paris were also filmed in Atlanta, portraying the many masterclasses that creators of The Idea of You give us on how to shoot around the planet without even leaving the United States.

You can stream The Idea of You on Amazon Prime.

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