All The Filming Locations Of Amazon Prime’s “Saltburn”

Follow the downward spiral of obsession and manipulation in this wildly popular dark comedy.

Based in Oxford and Northamptonshire, England, Saltburn begins with Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan) attending Oxford University in 2006 and befriending the popular and outgoing Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi.)


Oliver confides in him about his family issues leading Felix to extend an invitation to his family’s estate named Saltburn. Over the course of Oliver’s stay, he slowly becomes obsessed with Felix and goes out of his way to be with him. Once summer comes to an end, Felix discovers Oliver’s lies about his upbringing and asks him to leave. Shortly after, Felix is found dead in the hedge maze. Oliver mourns his death by visiting his grave alone, where he removes his clothing and grinds on his grave. Oliver attempts to seduce Venetia but is met with rejection, leaving her to be found dead shortly after, having slit her wrists in the bathtub. The movie concludes with Oliver confessing his wrongdoings to Elspeth, Felix’s mother, before unplugging her ventilator.

University of Oxford

Oxford University Constituent Colleges Instagram
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The University of Oxford has earned its fame as one of the top research universities in the world with highly developed facilities. Stephen Hawkings, Malala Yousafzai, and more are just a few of many, known to have completed their degrees at this institution. Oxford is recognized as one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world.

The beginning scenes of the movie were filmed here, for instance, when Oliver navigates bustling student life and befriends Felix after lending him a bike. When Oliver confesses that his father died, he is gifted a stone with “dad” engraved on it to throw in the river.

Drayton House

Drayton House
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The Drayton House in Kettering, England, is where all of the Saltburn estate scenes were filmed and it is privately owned by the Stopford-Sackville family. This country house has 127 rooms and was originally built in the 14th century on a site from the 11th century.

The movie takes a dark and obsessive turn when Oliver watches Felix masturbate in a bathtub before enthusiastically drinking the dirty tub water. Shortly after that same night, Oliver seduces Venetia, Felix’s sister, and performs oral sex during her menstruation. An iconic scene of the film is of the Catton family and Oliver sunbathing while taking a refreshing dip in the natural pool. During Oliver’s birthday party, he confesses his love to Felix in the hedge maze, to which he is rejected. Shortly after, everyone wakes up to discover Felix was killed inside the maze. In mourning, Oliver can be seen humping his grave.

Oxford University Constituent Colleges

Saltburn Instagram Oxford University
Photo by Saltburn Instagram

Oxford University has over 35 constituent colleges, of which Magdalen College, St. Hugh’s College, and Brasenose College are featured in the movie. These three colleges all played a major role in adding to the aristocratic and classy atmosphere.

The scene where Oliver discovers Felix has a flat bike tire was filmed on Addison’s Walk  at Magdalen College. Founded in 1458, it is one of the oldest and largest colleges in Oxford. It’s best known for its architecture, including the iconic Great Tower, and its extensive campus, which includes a deer park, a water meadow, and Addison’s Walk.

St. Hugh’s College was used as a backdrop during the beginning of the film, and it is set in 14 acres of breathtaking grounds and surrounded by several shops, bars, and restaurants. This institution is recognized for being one of the first universities in Oxford to offer higher education to women.

Founded in 1509, Brasenose College offers visitors a vast library with antique collections that can’t be found elsewhere and an extraordinary chapel. This institution was originally a medieval academic hall, which created a spectacular backdrop for the first scenes of the film.

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