A Glamorous List Of Where Netflix’s “Halston” Was Filmed

Theses are the fabulous (mostly New York) locations of Netflix’s Halston limited series.

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The biopic of the notorious fashion designer stars Scottish actor Ewan McGregor. The cast includes: Kysta Rodriguez as Liza Minnelli, Rebecca Dayan as Italian “Halsonette” Elsa Peretti, David Pittu as Joe Eula, and Gian Franco Rodriguez as Halston’s lover Victor Hugo.

There are so many great locations throughout the city of New York. Even through a pandemic, movies will always find a way to create or recreate scenes. Halston’s original townhouse, for instance, was sold two years ago and was available for rent, but production decided on interpretation rather than an exact replication. This led them to a Red Hook location instead of the real townhouse.

If you’ve come this far, BEWARE. SPOILERS AHEAD…

Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman
Photo by Lerone Pieters on Unsplash

Following a flashback from the designer’s childhood in Indiana, the first episode cuts to Halston crossing Fifth Avenue. He passes The Plaza Hotel and the Pulitzer Fountain to enter this fashion institution of a department store. People are lined up to purchase his pillbox hat, which became iconic after Jackie Kennedy wore it at her husband’s presidential inauguration.

Central Park

central park
Photo by Paulo Silva on Unsplash

This park is featured throughout the series with Halston walking alongside various important people in his life. From Eleanor Lambert (played by Kelly Bishop) on their way to a meeting, an introduction to David Mahoney, to Elsa confessing her love for Halston.

Park Lane Hotel

halston park lane hotel
PHOTO Netflix

This hotel is where David Mahoney (played by Bill Pullman) sat across from Halston and told him, “you’re one step away from actually being the star.” This statement would later lead to a partnership that skyrockets not only his wallet but the brand itself.

Brooklyn Public Library

Brooklyn Public Library
Photo by onlydesirables on Instagram

The Halston Limited posse heads to Paris and Versailles (sort of) for an epic showdown against some of the top designers of the time. Those designers include: Anna Klein (played by Elena McGhee) and Oscar de la Renta (played by Juan Carlos Diaz.) According to Untapped Cities, this scene was filmed in the library’s hall at the Grand Army Plaza.

Alder Manor

Alder Manor
Photo by theplant.com

A.K.A the W.B. Thompson Mansion in Yonkers, was the designers workspace for the competition. This is also where Halston had an epic breakdown and claimed to not feel “safe” with all the mishaps and changes to his original plan. He was then coaxed back down to Earth by dear friend and muse, Liza Minnelli. According to Atlas of Wonders, there was some post-production CGI to make their landscape appear more French to the viewers.

Loew’s Jersey Theatre

loew's jersey theater halston
Photo by thekarpelgroup on Instagram

The “Battle of Versailles Fashion Show” where Halston won the night was filmed in Jersey City. This theatre is also a hop, skip or jump away from lovely Liberty State Park, where you could see The State of Liberty herself. After all, it was a gift from France to commemorate the French and U.S. alliance during the American Revolution.

Broadway Stages

olympic tower halston
Photo by benilde.reis on Instagram

Creating Halston’s high-rise headquarters at the Olympic Tower was no easy feat. According to production designer Mark Ricker, he told Curved that Halston’s office had to be built in the Brooklyn location because of the re-creation of the Manhattan’s skyline in the 1970s.

Sisters of The Divine Compassion

Halston watched his soul sister Liza Minnelli say her “I Do’s” at this chapel in White Plains. The Sisters, Associates and Companions of the chapel have been declared allies to both the Asian and Black communities during the recent protests. They recently released a joint statement from the National Black Sisters Conference (NBSC) and Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) discussing the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

Hammerstein Ballroom

halston studio 54
Photo by socializedmagazine on Instagram

The pandemic made shooting difficult for production. The original plan was to shoot at the real location of Studio 54, which led them to the grand ballroom. Nevertheless, the scenes of the legendary club were still spectacular! With various frames of Halston and friends partying and hanging out with other elites, anyone could see it was the place to be. According to Radio Times, a Studio 54 associate reported a fascinating story related to a scene in the series, “This guy got stuck in a vent trying to get in.” This man was found dead, dressed for fabulous occasion at the famous venue.

Locust Valley, Long Island

Locust Valley, Long Island
Locust Valley, Long Island. UNSPLASH Joshua Sukoff

Halston’s purchase of the seaside compound was one to remember, especially for his and Elsa’s epic fight over who deserved more praise for the success of the Halston brand. The Atlantic Ocean never looked so serene in comparison! The quiet town may not have all the drama of Montauk, but it is home to another famous specimen: the Dawn Redwood. This beauty can be found at the Bailey Arboretum’s sensory experience of a garden.

This series truly was a wild ride and did it in style!

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