A Complete Guide To “Sex And The City” Locations In New York City

TikTok trends are bringing back Sex and the City faster than Carrie running through the streets of New York in her Manolos.

“Sex and the City” might be the series that united millions of women around the world. Despite that it ended in 2004, if we take a look at TikTok trends today, we can see that its legacy is more alive than ever.

It was a pioneer in bringing to the table issues that had never been openly discussed before: singlehood after 30, female sexuality, breaking of the archaic stereotypes. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her three friends were and are aspirational models for younger viewers, and for fans closer to their ages – women reflected upon the characters they see.

With the light-hearted humor that characterizes Sex and the City, the beloved show presents us a different New York, seen through the prism of friendship and love, showing locations that make us dream from the comfort of our own sofa.

Therefore, Jetset Times brings you 12 key places from the adventures of our favorite thirty-somethings. Grab yourself a cold Cosmopolitan while we reminisce some of the sexiest moments in the Big Apple.


1. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment

Season: 1. Episode: 1 “Sex and the City”

carrie bradshaw's apartment
Photo by Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment Instagram

Obviously, Carrie’s small apartment had to occupy the initial position in our guide. Always filled with Vogue magazines and clothing, her home is the site where we see her reflect while typing on her computer, gossiping along the girls, or ending one of her multiple dates.

Although theoretically her address is 245 East 73rd Street, in reality, you can visit the building and its mythical stairs in the West Village. The first three seasons were filmed at 64 Perry Street, but they eventually moved to 66, right next door.

2. Louis K. Meisel Gallery

Season: 1. Episode: 6 “Secret Sex”

sotheby's sex and the city locations
Photo by Sotheby’s Instagram

Despite seeking to acquire the role of a traditional wife, during the early seasons of Sex and the City we could see Charlotte (Kristin Davis) working in the art world, specifically at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery.

The gallery opened in 1973 and quickly gained prestige for its pioneering role in the photorealist movement, presenting works by internationally renowned painters such as Richard Estes and Audrey Flack.

Additionally, the center is located in SoHo, a neighborhood that Sex and the City captured quite well, showcasing new artists and a vibrant creative scene. Unfortunately, this area has lost some of its essence, as the artistic center of New York is now in areas like Chelsea and Williamsburg.

3. The Bus Stop

Season: 1. Episode: 6 “Secret Sex”

perry street and greenwich avenue sex and the city locations
Photo by Perry Street and Greenwich Avenue Instagram

During the opening of Sex and the City, we see Carrie walking the streets of New York with a huge tutu, while watching a bus decorated with a photo of her in a rather suggestive pose.

In the episode “The Monogamist,” we see that this is the result of a photo shoot intended to sponsor the writer’s column; in any case, as we already know, the result ended was awful.

In case you want to visit the location where Bradshaw thought “earth, swallow me,” you should go to the West Village, specifically to the corner of Perry Street and Greenwich Avenue.

4. Patrick’s Cathedral

Season: 1. Episode: 12 “Oh Come All Ye Faithful”

st patrick's cathedral sex and the city locations
Photo by St. Patrick’s Cathedral Instagram

“There he was, wearing Armani on Sunday,” Carrie narrates as she observes Mr. Big and his mother leaving St. Patrick’s Cathedral, after attending a mass there.

Built in 1878 on Fifth Avenue, the cathedral is an impressive example of neo-Gothic architecture, as evidenced by its beautiful facade of white marble, colorful stained-glass windows and pointed arches. It is known for its religious services and is open to the public for free, both to attend these and to admire its interior.

As the main church of the Archdiocese of New York and an architectural masterpiece, it’s no wonder that John Preston decides to attend every Sunday.

5. Yankee Stadium

Season: 2. Episode: 1 “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”

yankees stadium sex and the city locations
Photo by Yankees Stadium Instagram

Having just broken up with Big, Carrie is devastated, so her friends try to cheer her up by taking her to see a baseball game at Yankee Stadium, situated in the Bronx district. Not only do they achieve their purpose, but the women also convinces Bradshaw to flirt with an attractive player who will take away her sorrows.

6. The Plaza Hotel

Season: 2. Episode: 18 “Ex and the City”

the plaza hotel
Photo by The Plaza Hotel Instagram

The love story between Mr. Big and Carrie seems to be eternal, however, when she finds him, near The Plaza Hotel, coming out of his engagement party with Natasha (Bridget Moynahan) everything seems to have ended.

Making a nod to the final scene of the drama The Way We Were, Bradshaw says goodbye – until they meet again – to her great lover, thus starring in a triumphant exit.

7. Staten Island Ferry

Season: 3. Episode: 1 “Where There’s Smoke…”

staten island ferry
Photo by Staten Island Ferry Instagram

At the beginning of the third season, Carrie and friends take the Staten Island Ferry to attend FDNY’s fireman competition, of which she is a judge.

There she meets politician Bill Kelley (John Slattery,) with whom she will later start a brief courtship. Meanwhile, Samantha tries to conquer a stripper. Just another night in Sex and the City.

Currently, the boat connecting Manhattan with Staten Island is free and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On this journey, you can enjoy the best views of the city. From the distance you can see lights, a majestic bridge, and the Statue of Liberty.

8. Magnolia Bakery 

Season: 3. Episode: 5 “No Ifs, Ands, or Butts”

magnolia bakery
Photo by Magnolia Bakery Instagram

The short clip of Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Carrie eating cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, takes places at a small local business which expanded to more than 20 locations around the world. If you desire to visit the original bakery and delight yourself with its famous sweets, you’ll have to go to Bleecker Street, a central route that connects Greenwich Village and East Village.

9. Grace Episcopal Church

Season: 3. Episode: 12 “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

grace episcopal church
Photo by Grace Episcopal Church Instagram

When Charlotte marries for the first time to Trey (Kyle MacLachlan,) whom she thought would be her Prince Charming, the celebration takes place at Grace Episcopal Church.

This building is located at the intersection of Broadway and 10th Street and is known for its Gothic-style construction, featuring pointed arches and ornate details, typical of the period. Due to its ideal location, in the heart of Manhattan, Grace Episcopal Church has appeared in other productions such as Spider-Man 3.

10. The Central Park’s Boathouse

Season: 3 Episode: 18 “Cock a Doodle Do”

the central park's boathouse
Photo by The Central Park’s Boathouse Instagram

Whether you’re a fan of Mr. Big (Chris Noth) or not, you can’t deny that he gave us some of the best moments of the series.

Arguably, the funniest occurs after one of their multiple breakups, when both meet for lunch at the Central Park boathouse. Nevertheless, as he leans in to kiss her, she backs away, and they both fall into the lake.

If by some chance you happen to be in the area and don’t feel like taking a dip fully clothed, you can always rent a boat and go through the waters in the traditional way. Next to it, you can find the Loeb Boathouse Central Park, a restaurant with a terrace ideal for enjoying a meal with a view.

11. Soho House New York Instagram

Season: 6. Episode: 10 “Boy, Interrupted”

soho house
Photo by Soho House New York Instagram

Soho House is the only club in New York that resists Samantha’s powers to enter any fashionable circle.

The exclusive rooftop pool of the hotel is set in the Meatpacking District neighborhood and is known for its strict membership policy. Samantha still manages to sneak in using another client’s pass card and invites the rest of them to enjoy the elegant ambiance of the place. Finally, the group is expelled from the facilities, after the trap is discovered.

12. Jefferson Market Garden

Season: 6. Episode: 14 “The Ick Factor”

jefferson market garden
Photo by Jefferson Market Garden Instagram

Miranda was sure that the place chosen to say “I do” to Steve had to meet an essential requirement: “I just want it to feel like us–not one of those millions of cookie-cutter weddings.” So, as soon as she accidentally discovers the Jefferson Market Garden, she just knows.

This small park, positioned next to the West Village Library, voted as one of the ten most beautiful buildings in America, stands out for being a peaceful and intimate place. Currently, the venue is open for weddings and celebrations for those who wish to give a “Miranda” touch to their party.

Aitana Esteban Rando

Aitana, born and raised in Spain, loves exploring new places and different cultures while staying true to her roots. She's on a mission to visit every spot that stole her heart in books and movies. Fluent in Spanish and English, she's now learning Arabic. For her, speaking different languages is the key to understand the world's beautiful diversity.

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