10 Of The Cutest & Best Cafés In Hoi An

From coconut coffee, salted coffee, to traditional Vietnamese coffee…we’ve got you wired!

Vietnam is renowned for delectable coffee with unexpected and delicious twists. It’s not uncommon to see numerous signs of “egg coffee” on the side of a street, and mornings seems to start with a brighter kick with a cup of Vietnamese coffee which is the perfect blend of sweet and bitter. Have you tried coconut coffee? Put that on ice! Or a tasty salted coffee? Sprinkle some cinnamon.

With tiny alleys wrapped around vintage architecture that personify French, Japanese and Chinese influences; Hoi An has become a charming brewing ground for absolutely adorable cafés. Each is incredibly Instagrammable, each also highlights coffee produced in Dalat region in the Central Highlands. Every cup is made with precision, full of care and character. This list takes you around some of the best cafés in Hoi An, so you can stay hydrated AND caffeinated.

Reaching Out Teahouse

131 Trần Phú, Old Town, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Arguably one of the most popular cafés in Hoi An has to be Reaching Out Tea House located in Old Town’s bustling Tran Phu Street. Serving both tea and coffee, the popular joint started in 2000 by a community of Vietnamese locals that are impaired, and could make a living through selling handicrafts. Once the boutique also displayed jewelries, accessories and even homeware, twelve years later, it eventually shifted to a teahouse. Today, the craft shop is staffed by the physically impaired artisans throughout Vietnam.

Buttercup by Rosie’s cafe

the alley next to Dam vegeterian, 71/26 Phan Chu Trinh, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam

Buttercup by Rosie’s cafe is another tranquil space to dive into your favorite book or simply relax with a cup of joe. Despite being quite hidden in alley 71/26 Phan Chau Trinh Hoi An, Buttercup is still located in Old Town while embraced by natural landscapes. Making it utterly ideal for those who want to escape the noise of tourists and busy crowds.

Make sure to taste the shop’s signature Hint of Lemon which is made with espresso, milk foam, lemon zest and honey. Feeling a bit adventurous, then opt for another signature Frappe made from coffee, coconut ice cream, caramel sauce and non-dairy creamer.

The Espresso Station

28/2 Trần Hưng Đạo, Sơn Phong, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Another café that would’ve been considered a hidden gem if it weren’t so popular is: The Espresso Station. Situated in Old Town, this fan-favorite serves both Vietnamese (cup-top filter) and Western-style coffees (pour-over.) Try the Charcoal Coffee, which comes from (just as you’d imagine) espresso, milk and activated charcoal. Espresso Station uses Arabica beans produced in Dalat region located in southern Vietnam’s Central Highlands. If you’re feeling hungry, the menu also offers a range of all-day breakfast items along with sweet pastries.

Sound Of Silence Coffee Shop

40 Nguyễn Phan Vinh, Cẩm An, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam

Sound Of Silence Coffee Shop is another serene spot along An Bang Beach which means, you can also enjoy the views and hums from the ocean just as well as sips of a lovely cup of filtered coffee. The café is renowned for its brunch menu, and it’s also a fantastic place for freelance workers to sit for a few hours with their laptops. There’s nothing better than grabbing a table by the sand, and be productive while listening to the sounds of crashing waves. How poetic!

Rosie’s cafe

02 Mạc Đĩnh Chi, Cẩm Sơn, Hội An, Quảng Nam 560000, Vietnam

Another hotspot is Rosie’s Cafe, where locals and international travelers can gather while enjoying some grub with truly good coffee. With both indoor and outdoor seatings available, the highlighted space is in the back, perfect for digital nomads that can camp on long bench tables for either meetings or quiet time on computers. Catering to Rosie’s numerous expat customers, its brunch menu is full of trendy items like: avocado toasts, tofu scramble, crispy french toasts and vegan pancakes.

Hoi An Roastery Espresso & Coffee House

135 Trần Phú, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

At this point, Hoi An Roastery is so successful that it has essentially become a coffee chain, or the Starbucks of Hoi An. The coffees served might be deemed as western with consistent quality but Hoi An Roastery stands out with its coffee shops’ floor plans. Open spaces and widely luminous. Each location’s interior design also infuses both modern elements with the city’s traditional architecture. Head over to the location next to Japanese Bridge, you’ll see that the upstairs level provides a spectacular view of the river.

Phin Coffee Restaurant

132/7 Trần Phú, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Phin Coffee is highly acclaimed due to its premium coffee beans, both Arabica and Robusta are from Central Highlands of Vietnam, roasted by its sister roastery: Phin Lab Roastery. If you can’t decide which coffee to try, order the Phin Tasting Set which comes with a cup of 100% Arabica + 100% Robusta + 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta. For the famished traveler, the menu offers homemade bread, home-smoked meats and local Vietnamese breakfast and lunch items.

U Cafe Hoi An

120 Huyền Trân Công Chúa, t.p, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

U Cafe Hoi An is an alluring Colonial-style coffee shop, surrounded by lotus ponds with lovely flowers and fish. Exuding ambiance of zen, U Cafe is owned by Reiko Usuda – a Japanese humanitarian who developed this space into a calming tea and coffee shop that can also be used for training and learning. Simply sitting at a table by the ponds, gazing at riverboats floating by can be a dreamy experience.

The Inner Hoian by Àla

54 Đường Phan Bội Châu, Cẩm Châu, ward, Quảng Nam, Vietnam

Just like others on this list, Inner Hoian by Ala also serves high quality and specialty coffee. It sources coffee beans especially from newer farms, giving smaller businesses a nice kickstart. From light to dark roasts, Inner Hoian’s beans are unique and sustainable, like: Indonesia Spring Flowers (floral, strawberry, candy-like sweetness,) or the Premium Robusta Tamba (honey, caramel, dark chocolate.) The courtyard provides a peaceful space for those who want to sit down with a good book or just a few hours of productivity at work.

XUA ZONE Coffee shop & Macrame Workshop

131/2 Nguyễn Phúc Tần, Phường Minh An, Hội An, Quảng Nam 51309, Vietnam

XUA ZONE Coffee shop & Macrame Workshop is a cozy place right by the Bel Marina Hotel. If you feel like sipping on a cup of Vietnamese coffee while knitting a beautiful macrame, then XUA ZONE is calling your name! Make sure to try the Salted Coffee here which separates itself from others by a touch of cinnamon. The tiny café might not be the most glamorous, but it’s full of artistic creativity.

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