Top 10 Rides & Attractions In Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is the most frequented park of all, with tons of rides and attractions to choose from.

This is our list of 10 rides at Magic Kingdom that you absolutely cannot miss. Whether it be for the thrill, the nostalgia, or even just because they’re so iconic that you can’t afford to skip!

1. Space Mountain

Space Mountain
Photo: @themeparkalex

Space Mountain, located in Tomorrowland, is an indoor rollercoaster that will get your blood pumping. Enter the queue as you wait to board your rocket ship which zooms through outer space in no time. Ascend flashing lights during takeoff, the rocket will then blast through a series of twists and turns, in the darkness with only small starts illuminating the set. The thrill of not knowing what comes next is what really draws us to this coaster! You must be 44 in (112cm) to ride.

2. Splash Mountain (soon to be Tiana’s Bayou Adventure)

Splash Mountain
Photo: @wdwnt

Located in Frontierland is the iconic Splash Mountain ride. While it is currently themed to the movie Song of the South, this attraction will undergo construction to be re-themed, and will represent The Princess and the Frog movie instead. The ride structure will remain the same. We are stoked about the change of theme and can’t wait to see what Disney Imagineers have come up with!

As for the structure, board a log-like boat which takes you through a variety of rapids ranging from calm and quiet, to bumpy, to twisting and thrilling. As you rise slowly up the lift hill, you’ll come to realize that those small drops you’ve experienced before are nothing compared to the main event! Plummeting down five stories, the ride will snap a picture of you to keep so you can remember this moment forever. Keep in mind: you WILL get wet, so we suggest riding when the sun is very hot and will dry you off, or as your grand exit from the park for the day. The height requirement for Splash Mountain is 40in (102cm.)

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Mine Train
Photo: @disneyscott98

This mix of a classic Disney dark ride, fun rollercoaster, and impressive animatronic gallery is located in Fantasyland. We truly cannot recommend this one enough. It’s perfect for those who love thrill rides but is also the ideal introduction to bigger attractions for young kids. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is extremely entertaining as well. It’s like a ride and a show all at once. You’ll board a wobbly train that takes you through the dark diamond mine from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It is a combination of indoor and outdoor fun, so you’ll go from a dark indoor scenery to feeling the wind in your face as you speed through hairpin turns outside. The wait for this attraction is usually pretty long since it is so popular and such a fantastic experience, so if you’re able to use a lightning lane pass through Disney Genie+, we definitely recommend doing so. If not, block out a good chunk of your day to wait in line, it will be totally worth it. You must be 38in (97cm) to ride.

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thunder Mountain
Photo: @waltandthemouse

Heading back to the mountain theme, this rollercoaster is located in Frontierland, right by Splash Mountain (the perfect opportunity to dry off!) The “wildest rise in the wilderness” is similar to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train in that it takes you through a mine on an unforgettable adventure. This crazy train races through tunnels, up and over hills, and experiences a pretty bumpy ride due to the “old” rickety tracks. Not to worry, Disney cast members make sure all aspects of the park are running smoothly constantly, so any sort of unexpected bump or shake is usually meant to happen on this ride! It is super family-friendly and a fun time for those who love an exhilarating experience. Riders must be 40in (102 cm.)

5. Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

Pirates of the Caribbean
Photo: @apertureisoutthere

Adventureland is most definitely the right place to have this ride! Here you’ll set sail on a voyage through time, taking it back to the days when pirates ruled the seas. Throughout your journey there will be numerous spectacular animatronics of characters from the movie, especially Captain Jack Sparrow. This is an indoor dark ride that leaves everyone amazed at the detail and entertainment value of the attraction. There’s nothing like taking a big breath in and smelling the air and water on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. In fact, it’s so nostalgic for Disney-lovers they actually made a candle out of the scent! Aside from the ambience, the ride itself is really a blast and great for all ages, considering there is no height requirement.

6. Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion
Photo: @grimmlifecollective

While most of Liberty Square is a celebration of the United States of America, the Haunted Mansion deviates from this idea, taking you on a gloomy “doom buggy” through quite obviously, a haunted mansion. Guests will be guided on a tour through the estate, among a number of friendly ghosts who might just pop up in the buggy as well. A multitude of beautiful but eerie scenes are shown throughout the attraction, and it really is a fan favorite. While it is “haunted,” it shouldn’t be too scary for most guests. The ghosts are playful and there are no sharp turns, drops, or anything exceptionally thrilling for that matter. Guests can be any height to travel through the Haunted Mansion.

7. Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise ride Magic Kingdom
Photo: @classic_world_magic

Located in Adventureland, Jungle Cruise is an iconic boat tour that is enjoyable for Disney guests of any age. Your Skipper (tour guide) plays a huge role in your jungle Cruise experience. They will often crack jokes, and spruce up your ride with comedic flare. This tour takes you through the exotic rivers of Asia, Africa and South America, providing an immersive experience with nature. This is a fantastic attraction for those times in the park when you just need a break from walking, or maybe you’re stressed over the chaos that is Disney World. It’s the perfect opportunity to sit down and just enjoy yourself, and most importantly have a good laugh! Riders can be any height to take on this adventure.

8. “it’s a small world”

its a small world rides Magic Kingdom
Photo: @miss_ashleys_disney_diary

Moving on to the rides that won’t have you jumping for joy, but they’re just so iconic and nostalgic that you really can’t skip them. “it’s a small world,” titled in all lowercase seeing as “small” is the main theme here, is located in Fantasyland. It seems that this ride is a rite of passage at Disney. It’s just something you must experience. As you board a little boat, you’ll start to hear the famous “it’s a small world” song playing, and you will cruise through all seven continents in just ten minutes! This ride is especially important considering Disney’s attention to detail and inclusion. Mostly everyone will be able to find an animatronic doll that represents them in some way, which is one of the beautiful things about this ride. It really portrays the idea that even though we are all different, we all live in the same small world, after all. Riders can be any height.

9. Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan's Flight rides Magic Kingdom
Photo: @dolewhipsanddoubledoubles

Located in Fantasyland, guests can fly along with the one and only Peter Pan, as he recounts his famous story. On this Disney dark ride, you will be lifted off into the London sky, and eventually descend into Never Land, experiencing Peter’s story firsthand. You may even run into Captain Hook! No need to fear, however, that old crocodile as seen in the film is out for one person, and it’s not Peter Pan OR you; so, take the time to relax on this one, enjoy the elaborate scenery and the comprehensive story line. This is made for everyone to enjoy, as there is no required height.

10. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

PeopleMover rides Magic Kingdom
Photo: @1magicalplace

This one might be controversial, but hear us out. Yes, this ride is slow. Some even consider it boring, but if you need a minute to relax, and would like a tour of the entirety of Tomorrowland, we totally suggest this one. This is another one of those “rite of passage” attractions in the sense that if you don’t ride the PeopleMover, did you really go to Magic Kingdom? On this mass transit system of the future, you’ll get to see the other attractions in Tomorrowland up close, from points most don’t get to experience (unless they’re riding the PeopleMover, of course.)

You might be wondering how we got to number 10 and didn’t include Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, there are a few reasons for that. One being Toy Story Mania in Hollywood Studios is basically the same concept but much better, and another being that you get to see the action of that ride through the PeopleMover anyway! That is, if Space Ranger Spin isn’t stopped in it’s tracks for a malfunction. To experience the PeopleMover, you can be any height.

Honorable Mention:

Cinderella's Castle rides Magic Kingdom
Photo: @cindybejeweled

Cinderella’s Castle! While this definitely isn’t a ride, it sure is the most important part of Magic Kingdom, so we had to add it! Be sure to stop by the front of the castle and take photos so you can remember the most magical place on earth. Not only that, you can actually walk through the arch of the castle, and enter a tunnel with beautiful mosaics depicted the story of Cinderella. Many people miss out on this opportunity because they don’t even know the beautiful artwork is there!

Now that you have an idea of the rides and attractions you should prioritize in Magic Kingdom, your magical day should be easier to plan! If you’d like to hit up these rides by location, check out our previous article Your Guide To Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to become familiar with the park areas you’ll be in throughout the day. We hope you have a fantastic time at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and don’t forget to cherish your time in the most celebrated Disney Park.

Alyssa Spagna

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