Capturing The Essence Of Tranquillity In Lake Tahoe

Where California and Nevada meet there is a lake formed more than 2 million years ago.

Lake Tahoe

Where California and Nevada meet there is a lake, amongst the pines, where you can (literally) freeze time. It’s a place so indescribably beautiful that even the most amateur photographer can’t take a bad snap. I’m talking of course about Lake Tahoe – a pristine lake in the Sierra Nevada that was formed more than two million years ago and, thankfully, doesn’t seem to have aged a day.

A popular destination for tourists both near and far, Tahoe caters to all, no matter the weather. A winter wonderland in the colder months (and trust me, they are cold), thousands flock to Tahoe during the ski season. The abundance of ski resorts and chalets on offer will have ski bunnies, boarders and tubers chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action. Ski Lake Tahoe has everything you need to know, from weather conditions, lodging and resorts.

In the warmer months, the slopes become the backdrop and the lake becomes the stage. Adventure travelers have their pick of water sports, including parasailing, kayaking and jet skis. Hike, bike or drive around the lake to appreciate its panoramic beauty, or simply sit back on the jetty and enjoy the utter sense of peacefulness that takes hold of you, whether you happen to be in South Tahoe or North Tahoe.

Your growling stomach might be the only thing that reminds you that the hours are ticking away. To fill your bellies, there are a number of local eateries in both North and South Tahoe. There is a Tahoe restaurants guide available, but locals always have the best advice on where to eat, so be sure to ask around! For my gluten-free and vegan peeps, if you can’t find a restaurant there’s no need to fear because the Tahoe Central Market has you covered.

One thing you will notice in Tahoe is that there is never any rubbish lying round. Locals and tourists learn quickly enough about the importance of “bear bins” in the region. Please use these to dispose of trash and food items and DO NOT leave any food (packaged or otherwise) in your car. You never know, Yogi Bear might come past to swipe more than just your picnic basket!

The Californian side of Tahoe is divided into North and South. Both sides have distinctive personalities, so be sure to do your research on which is right for your trip. Needless to say, both sides will provide an amazing base for your holiday. It all comes down to which accommodation option works for you.

Nothing could be more spectacular than a house by the lake near the woods. A roaring fire after a day on the slopes is the perfect end to a magical day in Tahoe. For those that can afford it, the choices of chalets and houses to rent are endless. For the luxury traveler, be sure to check out Five Star Destinations for some excellent accommodation options.

Airbnb Lake Tahoe
Photo: Airbnb

For those on more of a budget, but looking to live like a true local, Airbnb offers some amazing rooms for rent in nice and cozy Tahoe homes. I highly recommend a stay with Casey and Marilyn on Airbnb. Their hospitality, beautiful home and tantalizing entertainment room will make your Tahoe experience truly unforgettable. It’s always a good idea to ask your hosts about their bear encounters over the years, as I’m sure they will have a few good stories to tell.

It really doesn’t matter what you choose to do when at Tahoe. A trip to this extraordinary place will leave you feeling more relaxed than a full body massage. One word of advice: make sure to take the opportunity to capture a moment that can transport you back to the feeling of tranquillity; or, at the very least, take a photo!

Mary Musolino

Mary is always ready to travel on a whim, live like a local and experience everything a destination has to offer. She loves jetsetting off to Mexico, and she can never travel without patience or a good book!

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