Reasons To Move To Chicago

Chicago is a place filled with rich America’s history, amazing theatres, museums, schools, and delectable cuisines.

Chicago Skyline

These factors have made this city one of the most sort-out tourist attractions in the United States. In terms of population, the city ranks third in the most populated cities in America, with over two million residents spread across its landmark. If you’re considering making an interstate move, here are some practical reasons to move to Chicago.

1.   Sports

A diehard sport fan? Chicago offers enthusiastic sporting games, from baseball and hockey to basketball, soccer, and football. The most interesting part, the district has eight major sporting teams within these sports teams including; the Cubs, White Sox, Chicago Sky, the Bulls, the Bears, the Blackhawks, Chicago Red Stars, and Chicago Fire. So, you never have to worry about missing the sports life in Chicago.

2.   Neighborhoods

When it comes to the neighborhoods, the metropolis is diverse. You find more than one distinct personality in Chicago since it has over 200 neighborhoods. These districts are awesome sites to explore as they are divided into four sections, North, South, West, and Downtown.

But, even with the district being a web of neighborhoods, each of these communities brings something new to the table with its distinct and diverse personalities. Wicker Park boasts of its artistic, hipster vibes and craft beer. If you’re looking for stylish boutiques and popular night venues, Ukrainian Village is where you want to be. Wrigleyville has trendy bars, while Gold Coast boasts of its flavorsome beach cocktails.

3.   Live Music

A music lover? Chicago offers you unlimited music experience like no other city in the country. From the airport to every other neighborhood, the city has a large number of famed venues for live music events that offer a memorable performance from top celebrities alongside touring acts. If you’re looking for some top-quality venues to experience the live music trends in Chicago, here are some places you want to visit:

  • The Promontory – Located at the popular Hyde Park haunt,
  • Tack room – Walk through the Thalia Hall in Pilsen and share in the music fest,
  • Kingston Mines – the legendary venue in Lincoln Park for lovers of Blues,
  • Sleeping Village – located around the Avondale neighborhood,
  • Radius – The Southwest side of Pilsen offers you an amazing experience in Radius,
  • Concord Music Hall – Situated in the heart of the Wrigleyville neighborhood.

4.   Shopping

If you love the feel of chic boutique stores, this city is where you want to be. Between the first-rate retail stores on Michigan Avenue and the extravagant fashion shopping malls on the Magnificent Mile, Chicago is every shopper’s heaven. Are you looking to get chic craft, antiques, mid-century, and vintage items? Randolph Street Market offers you all and more. Likewise, Logan Square Farmers Market offers every locally made fashion item you may need.

5.   Job Market

While the Chicago economy has always had a strong labor market, recent statistics reveal a dramatic boom in the growing start-ups and existing companies. The best part, even the professional and white-collar industries seem to be making a huge comeback even after the Covid-19 pandemic. So, if you’re considering a move to Chicago, never fear losing money in the bank as there are various job opportunities open to you.

6.   Festivals

The festive lifestyle seems to be on the rise in Chicago. From festive events like the Electric Daisy Carnival, Riot Fest, Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and Spring Awakening, you’ll see people from different neighborhoods, cities, and states wanting to take part in these festivals. Chicago even offers music lovers various amazing music fests that would create lasting memories. Head over the trendy live music venues the city has to offer to share in the joys of musical tunes.

7.   Public Transportation

Here’s one fact you never knew; in Chicago, you never need to drive around in a car. The city has walkable connected roads that take you to your destination without stress. The best part, the public transportation system is one every city dreams to have. Having the second-largest public transportation system in the US today, residents can easily take the bus option, board the rail, or famous “L train” to reach their various job sites.

8.   Outdoor Attractions

There’s always something to do in Chicago. With areas like Lake Michigan that begs for a stopover, quietly explore the beachy view. If you love the park vie, Lincoln Park offers iconic greenery for you. Even the Chicago Botanic Garden and the Millennium Park offer amazing outdoor attractions and outstanding architectures never seen before.

9.   History, Arts & Culture A-Plenty

You can always learn something new about America while exploring the streets of Chicago. From the iconic green space to the museums and theatres filled with various art pieces over the centuries, Chicago opens a whole new world of historical art to residents. But, that’s what makes the city more exciting. The various amazing architectural buildings in the city also give it a dream-like appearance. From the historic residential buildings to the skyscrapers, every building carries so much unique meaning to its design.

When it comes to culture, Chicagoans only know one-word “suit.” Enter a pub, and you find a population of professional workers relaxing. Even Chicago’s nightlife notices a significant mass of white-collar laborers. This simply shows that the city residents are workaholics.

10. Dining

For food lovers, Chicago is where you want to be. The classic hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and deep-dish pizza leave your taste bud watering. Whatever your cuisine consists of, you can get it in this city. But that’s not all! The city also offers an ultimate dining experience with celebrity chefs delicacies. From fancy cuisine to casually homemade recipes, there’s a diversity of food options you can find in this city.

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