5 Reasons Rhode Island Is A Popular US Travel Destination

Rhode Island boasts picturesque coastal beaches, a summer sailing scene, excellent river and/or sea fishing, and plenty of nightlife with plenty of clubs for dancing, there’s luxury entertainment, and a host of theaters.

Rhode Island is the Most Favorable Destination

The state is also famous for its Clam Chowder, while you will find no problem finding a diverse array of restaurants and eateries which you wil find some great guides from experts covering the best places to eat for a variety of cuisines.

Below we look at 5 reasons to choose Rhode Island as a vacation option. Some of these options may or may not appeal to you.

1. Night Life, Entertainment & Gambling in Rhode Island

Entertainment in the state nicknamed Little Rhodie varies from city to city. There are two popular casinos, Bally’s Twin River Lincoln and Bally’s Tiverton, which you can fund out about ages allowed to enter these venues via the guide to Rhode Island gambling age found at legalgamblingage.com. Both offer entertainment, gambling options, restaurants, and accommodation. For night clubs, Providence has the largest selection of venues which includes The Parlour, Providence, Ego, The Salon, Providence, Mirabar, Providence, Dusk, Providence, Luna Night Club, and Tantric Lounge.

Here’s some of the theaters available:

  1. Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence
  2. The Firehouse Theater, Newport
  3. Ocean State Theatre, Warwick
  4. The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre, Pawtucket
  5. AS220, Providence
  6. Trinity Repertory Company, Providence
  7. Stadium Theatre, Woonsocket
  8. Providence Performing Arts Center, Providence
  9. 2nd Story Theatre, Warren

2. The Longest Running Independence Day Celebrations

Rhode Island’s town of Bristol is famous for its sailing and forholding a Guinness record for being the oldest continuously operating 4 July celebration in the country. The streets, sea, and riverways become jam-packed with plenty of celebrations. Although hotels in around the town do get quite pricey at this time of year, for obvious reasons, it is money well spent and well worth seeing. Aiming to visit for the Independence Day celebration in Bristol is a must do activity if you are a true patriot.

3. Walk Over Cunliff & Edgewood Lake – Explore Beautiful Gardens On the Way to the Beach

Cunliff Lake and Edgewood Lake are popular tourist destinations for those looking for a mini city escape – or shall we say a city escape within a city. Take an Uber or taxi to Floral Ave where you can walk around this lucious park with wide open spaces. While you there, check out the Aspiration Tree and head over to the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. If you enter the park from the east side, follow the around or cross the river bridges, by the time you get to the West side of the park you can walk out and over onto the popular Edgewood beach for a spot of sun bathing.

4. Visit the Popular Edgewood Beach on Providence River

On Edgewood Beach you can either sit back and relax on sunbeds for hire, lay out a mat and have your won picnic, or take part in some of the beach’s more energetic activities. If you enjoy sailing, the Rhode Island Edgewood yacht club is close by. Food is always on tap here with plenty of restaurants surrounding the area, and you’ll also find hot dog stands, candy floss, ice cream, and more. As the beach is on a river, you can also book some salt water sea fishing here.

  • Water Sports
  • Nearby Yacht Club
  • Plenty of Restaurants
  • Hot Dog & Burger Stands
  • Candy Floos & Ice Cream

5. Discover More Beaches Hidden Away in Around Rhode Islands

If the beach life sounds like a bit of you, then you could spend all day or even all week visiting the many beaches in and around Rhode Island. Check out some of these beach locations. Many of these beaches offer a range of water sports, and another popular activity is sea fishing. However, these activities are mostly available in the warm summer months.

  • Longmeadow Beach
  • Rocky Point Beach
  • Sandy Beach
  • Twin Rivers Beach East
  • Twin Rivers Beach
  • Sabin Point
  • Barrington Beach
  • Warren Town Beach
  • Barrington Beach
  • Buttonwoods Beach

The Perfect Destination for All Ages & Family Holidays

Rhode Island has everything you need for a relaxing vacation getaway. The state offers notable summer vacation spots. The beach is perfect for those looking to lap up the warm temperatures while catching some rays, and there’s plenty of water sporting events, which also spill over into the states’s rivers. Of course, in between vacation water sports, relaxing on the beach, and rive exhibitions, here are theatres, parks, shopping centres, restaurants, and a buzzing nightlife in tourist spots as well as in Rhode Islands cities.

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