A Trip To London: What You Shouldn’t Miss In The Capital That Has Everything

London is the city that has everything you could want in a popular and world-class capital.

a trip to london
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But because it has plenty of activities to do and places to discover, it can be challenging to find out what you shouldn’t miss here. With over 3,500 pubs, 3,000 parks and 170 museums, there is too much to eat, do and see- even for a life-long Londoner.

The city is too rich in options to see everything in just one visit. So, you might need to make hard choices and answer challenging questions, like: Where should you eat a delicious full English breakfast? Should you choose the British Museum or Tate Modern? Where is the best afternoon tea? Which pub to see first? And a long list of questions keeps appearing over and over again. But don’t worry; we are here to help and have created a list of London’s best things to do.

Are you ready to discover them?

Tower of London

The Tower of London was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, and over the years, it had a lot of functions, as it was a residence, a Royal mint and a zoo, but it is best known as an execution site and a prison. The Tower of London has a bloody history, as it was where two wives of Henry VIII, Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn, were murdered at his order.

Now, the place is home to the Crown Jewels, so you need to come and see the world’s largest cut diamond, Cullinan I, and sit near the Sovereign’s Sceptre.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens has a spectacular 500 acres of land where you will see one of the most diverse and biggest botanical collections worldwide. The botanic garden here has existed since the 18th century, and today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage that contains over 50,000 plants. If you choose to come, you could spend an entire day wandering along the trees, the winding paths, the lakes, and the Japanese garden. It is a tranquil and calming place, but you will also learn plenty of information along the way. So, leave your car at the Stansted airport parking, and come prepared to enjoy the place for a couple of hours.

The Globe Theater 

In London, every street and building is full of history, and Shakespeare’s Globe is a perfect example of this fact. Although the original Globe Theatre has been reconstructed, as it burned down in 1613, when “Henry VIII” was performed, the location is still full of history. This is especially because the theater has been rebuilt to look like the original site, using materials and construction methods very close to the original. So, if you go to the Globe Theater to see a play by Shakespeare, you will surely feel like stepping back in time. 

South Bank

The South Bank is one of the best spots in London. It is located between the London and Westminster bridges, and it offers the possibility to enjoy two miles of entertainment venues, excellent state-funded arts, and traffic-free views of some of the most famous city landmarks, St. Paul’s, Big Ben and the Tower of London. Because it offers so many possibilities to do here, there is no wonder why the location gathers over 14 million people per year. So, if you have limited time in the capital of the UK, leave your car at the Heathrow parking and head to the South Bank, as it has everything you can possibly want, including a good selection of street food and good restaurants.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Victoria and Albert Museum is one of the largest art and design museums worldwide and maybe the most glamorous one in London. Here, you will see that even the building itself is worth visiting, as it is a glorious red-brick palace filled with extravagant tiling, sculptural details and several frescos. The collections you will find are diverse and broken down into topics, including fashion, architecture, theater and furniture. All of them are comprehensible, but it will be good to tackle only one or two galleries per visit, as you will have a lot to see. 

Dennis Severs’ House

If you fancy a trip back in time, you need to head to Dennis Severs’ House. Dennis Severs was an eccentric American who bought a crumbling building in 1979 and turned it into a stunning work of art, recreating the home life of different generations of a Huguenot family. Although Severs died in 1999, the house is still perfectly preserved and has become one of the best museums to see in London. But remember that it is quite a niche museum and will be more suitable for interior enthusiasts and history fans. 

St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s is one of the most famous cathedrals in the world, a masterpiece of the architect Sir Christopher Wren. Its impressive towering dome is one of the most loved symbols of London, along with Big Ben. It is magical, awe-inspiring, yet reflective and somber, and a perfect place to visit whether you are religious or not.

Liberty London

Liberty London is one of the most beautiful shops in London. It was founded in 1975 by Arthur Lasenby Liberty, who wanted to show off the treasures found on his travels. Today, the beautiful-looking building contains cozy side rooms and wood-paneled atriums full of the best goodies, both old and new. It is eclectic, atmospheric and different from any department store you have ever visited.

British Museum

You could spend a great amount of time in the British Museum and still not get bored with the artifacts you will see. It has one of the largest collections in the world, which are arranged by location and include pieces specific to Asia, Ancient Egypt, Africa, Greece, Rome and the Middle East. If you want to have a less crowded experience, you need to come early on a weekday and be prepared to have an eye-opener experience.

Are you ready for a trip to the capital that has everything?

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