8 Tastiest Paella Restaurants In Valencia

Discover the most delectable paella in the city where the dish originates.

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This Spanish cuisine capital boasts a long list of high-quality restaurants serving up delightful paella variations ranging from traditional seafood to local vegetables. Paella is a rice dish cooked traditionally with green beans, rabbits, snails, and onions. The dish originates from Valencia in the middle of the 19th century. Whether travelers are looking for a place where they can enjoy an authentic dining experience or simply want to pick up something quick and tasty during their sightseeing journey, here are some of the best paella restaurants in Valencia.

La Pepica

Passeig de Neptú, 6, BAJO;DUP 6-8, 46011 Valencia, Spain

Located along Valencia’s Malvarrosa beachfront, this iconic family-run restaurant has been serving up delicious paella since 1893. La Pepica’s signature dish is Pepica’s Paella, a classic combination of ingredients that includes peeled shrimp, mussel meat, and squid. It owes its name to a story that happened to the great Valencian painter Joaquin Sorolla while dining at La Pepica: “He came one night for dinner and he couldn’t carve prawns and crayfish. So, they removed and peeled it in the kitchen, when he returned to the restaurant was served the paella with peeled seafood and since then have included this dish in our menu (F.Balaguer.)” A private dining room is available to use for weddings, communions, baptisms, business lunches, or family meals.

La Pepica

Fum de LLum

calle, Conde de Altea, 29, izquierda, 46005 Valencia, Spain

Located a short walk from Pont del Mar in Jardi del Turia, Fum de LLum uses organic ingredients from its local garden to create high-quality fare. The restaurant’s signature dish is Spanish Duck Paella with snow pea beans and artichokes cooked in a saffron-infused broth. The establishment specializes in tasting menus for guests to experience the best of Valencian cuisine.

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Carrer de l'Arquebisbe Mayoral, 5, 46002 València, Valencia, Spain

Navarro Facebook
Photo by Navarro Facebook

Located in the historic heart of Valencia, Navarro has been serving up traditional Valencian paella since 1951. Navarro’s signature dish is the Traditional Paella which features chicken, rabbit, snails, and vegetables. The family-run restaurant speaks Spanish, English, French, and Italian to offer the best service to all customers. There is a quiet atmosphere with plenty of attention to small details in the décor and only the highest quality ingredients are used. For a sweet treat, check out its homemade chocolate truffles and Amsterdam apple pie.

La Riua

C. del Mar, 27, 46003 València, Valencia, Spain

La Riua Instagram
Photo by La Riua Instagram

La Riua is another highly regarded paella restaurant located in the historic center of Valencia. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Traditional Seafood Paella which features a generous helping of seafood cooked in a saffron-infused broth. For a sweet treat, check out the panna cotta and flan. The interior is decorated with old-fashioned chandeliers, decorative plates are hung to fill up any empty space on the top half of the wall, and azulejo blue and white mosaic tiles fill the bottom half of the walls along with terracotta tiled floor.

El Raco De La Paella

Carrer de Mossèn Rausell, 17, 46015 València, Valencia, Spain

El Raco De La Paella has been serving up delicious paella since the 1900’s and is located in the historic center of Valencia. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Valencian Paella which contains green beans, snails, and shrimp cooked over a wood fire to give the dish its unique flavor. As mentioned on its website, “In an elegant and cozy Valencian mansion from 1900, the Racó de la Paella was born, uniting avant-garde and tradition, to offer not only the best of the flavors of this Valencian land but also charm and surprise. Oscar Gil and his team embarked on an adventure that bets on a kitchen with great aspirations, offering knowledge, tradition, quality gastronomy, and becoming a restaurant whose philosophy is excellence.”

El Raco de la Paella Facebook
Photo by El Raco De La Paella Facebook

La Paz Valencia

Passeig de Neptú, 68, 46011 València, Valencia, Spain

La Paz Facebook
Photo by La Paz Valencia Facebook

La Paz Valencia is located along Playa del Cabanyal and has been serving up traditional Valencian paella since 1929. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Lobster Paella which features a delicious combination of two whole lobsters and vegetables cooked in a rich saffron-infused broth. The family-run establishment used to be a beach bar where guests could rent a swimsuit, locker, tables, or chairs but after being bombed during the civil war in 1939 it became a full-time restaurant.

Puerta del Mar

Carrer dels Transits, 4, 46002 València, Valencia, Spain

Located in the heart of Valencia, Puerta del Mar has been serving up delicious paella dishes since 1985. The restaurant’s signature dish is the Black Fideua which includes striped shrimp and vegetables cooked in a squid ink broth. As mentioned on its website, “A variety of semi-private spaces to host private gatherings. Our welcoming ambiance, atmosphere, and convenient downtown location have made Puerta del Mar a favorite of residents and business professionals. We can host and curate to perfection every detail of your event: a birthday party, a family reunion, a private dinner, or a business meeting can become one of your favorite memories.” Live music can be heard throughout the week such as jazz, pop, and violin solos.

Puerta del Mar Facebook
Photo by Puerta del Mar Facebook

Alqueria del Pou

Entrada Rico, 6, 46013 València, Valencia, Spain

Alqueria del Pou Facebook
Photo by Alqueria del Pou Facebook

Alqueria del Pou is located only 500 meters from the city of arts and sciences and was founded in 2012. The restaurant’s signature dish is Paella Mixta which includes a mix of seafood, beef, and chicken cooked in a saffron-infused broth. As mentioned on its website, “The kitchen of Al queria del Pou offers typical dishes from the southern orchard of the city of Valencia. In the starters, both vegetables and fresh seafood are very present, such as titaina, with tomato, pepper, pine nuts, and tuna belly; along with tellinas (coquinas), clòtxines (in season), and fried beach fish. The rice section deserves special attention, with the different preparations of the traditional recipes of this region, whether they are cooked in paella or in a clay pot, to make them dry, soupy, sweet or baked.”

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