15 Tips For A Great Trip In Ibiza

Ibiza is not just a great place to spend the night dancing, and walking on the beach, when the morning comes.

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There are so many different activities to do and places to visit in Ibiza, you won’t have time to see the week go by, when you stay there. That said, we thought we would help you out with the 15 tips below.

Rent a Villa

The one thing you want to do, when you decide to go and spend some time on the island, is to choose an Ibiza villa rentals. They will provide you with a much greater value than a hotel, and you will come back with pictures and memories of time spent in paradise.

Walk around Dalt Vila

Ibiza dates back 2,500 years and was once part of the most important cities in the Mediterranean. Missing out on visiting the narrow lanes and the squares inside the city wall, would be a shame.

Rent a Car and drive around

The island is meant to be visited entirely, and the best way to do so is by renting a car and letting yourself roam around, with no particular destination. Take a few days and sleep one night, in a different location.

Find a hidden Beach

It is very easy to find a hidden beach in Ibiza. There are so many, that even local people don’t visit them all. As you drive around the island, keep your eyes open for a little piece of paradise, yours for one day only.

Enjoy Horseback Riding

What is more romantic than horseback riding on a beautiful island, like Ibiza. It can also lead you to discover parts of the island you wouldn’t otherwise visit. Choose the amount of time you would like to ride and enjoy the magic.

Take the bike out for a ride

No need to take yours, as there are many rental shops. But you need to discover the beauty of the island in the best way possible, by simply pedaling and looking around you, as you go along.

Find a hiking Trail

Hiking in Ibiza will lead you to untouched beaches. But before, you will have to cross tall mountains and walk down cliffs; everything you need to stay in great shape while on holidays.

Jump from a cliff

With so much water around, you don’t want to spend all your time on the ground. Why don’t you make the switch from land to sea, by jumping off a cliff? You will never forget the experience, that’s guaranteed.

Sail around the Island

It is time to catch a view from the sea. Just choose the sailing outing that fits your budget or interest the most. They range from 3-hours to a full day at sea.

Diving and Snorkeling

The best way to discover the sea that surrounds you, is by going scuba diving or snorkeling. Nature is certainly beautiful in Ibiza, but what awaits you in the water, will amaze you.

Rent a Kayak

Once you are on the water, keep going with a ride in a kayak. It is the best way to discover the hidden caves that can be found all along the coastline.

Discover Flyboarding

If you haven’t yet had a chance to try this new sport, Ibiza will be the perfect place to do so. Put on the jet propellers machine, and fly above the sea!

Visit Ocean Mania

If you like busy locations, then head to Ocean Mania. It is one of the most popular activities on the island. There, you will find swing ropes, trampolines, walls to climb on a 45-minute course. Fun for everyone!

Take the Ibiza Train

Get on the train for a ride on the coast, which will offer you the greatest views on the island.


It’s not a holiday if you don’t do a little shopping. Stop at the famous Hippy Market and bring back souvenirs.

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