Mouthwatering Dishes At These 5 Restaurants In Cusco

The home of Machu Picchu has an array of diverse culinary delights.

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As the preferred base city of travelers in search of enviable adventure (Machu Picchu, the Amazon, Sacred Valley, Cuzco is also known as a top destination for foodie adventurists. From budget eateries to international fine dining, restaurants in Cuzco boast a truly remarkable array of diverse culinary delights and cuisine styles that is well worth exploring.

Here are the top five restaurants in Cuzco, Peru!

1. Cicciolina

Triunfo 393, 2nd Floor, Cuzco, Peru (map, website)
PHOTO: Cicciolina

Often regarded as the city’s best restaurant, Cicciolina serves an array of eclectic and original dishes, each infused with savory international flavors that makes this a can’t-miss foodie destination. Located on the second floor of a beautiful varicolored mansion, the cuisine options are simply divine with a hint of sophistication, including house-marinated olives, crisp polenta squares served with rabbit carpaccio, ample portions of fresh green salad, deliciously charred octopus and mouth-watering squid-ink pasta and a tender lamb main that is a must-try. With first-class service coupled with a lovely artsy atmosphere, this restaurant is an absolute can’t-miss when in Cuzco!

2. La Bodega 138

Herrajes 138 Cusco, Peru (map, website)
Facebook/La Bodega 138

You don’t need to travel to Italy to experience world-class pizza! La Bodega 138 is a family-run pizzeria, which features a friendly atmosphere and a laidback vibe and a truly enjoyable dining experience. The thin-crust pizzas are prepared by hand and from scratch, heated in large adobe ovens for an authentic feel and guaranteed delicious taste. Don’t forget to try their fresh organic salads, too.

3. Jack’s Café

Choquechaka 509, Cusco, Peru (map, website)
Facebook/Jacks Cafe Cuzco

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Jack’s Café on this list! For backpackers and conveniently lost expats feeling a little homesick, you need to do yourself a favor and stop by at least once before leaving the city. This café features an incredibly diverse menu options featuring many different international flavors and cuisines, including delicious vegetarian options. The portions are more than generous (trust me, if you love large portions then this is your place!) and the prices are decent. They are known for their terrific, all-day breakfast and their stir-fry Thai curry dish is absolutely delectable. Don’t forget to try their desserts, too, especially the brownies!

4. La Quinta Eulalia

Choqechaka 384, Cusco, Peru (map, website) 

For tasty and delicious Peruvian cuisine, you’d be hard-pressed to find another restaurant that can compare to La Quinta Eulalia. Featuring traditional dishes and authentic flavors, with menu options proudly displayed on a handwritten chalkboard each morning, this restaurant serves some of the tastiest roast lamb, alpaca and a rocoto relleno spicy peppers filled with beef, peas, carrots, and vegetables with cheese on top) that is an absolute must-try. And do not leave the restaurant without trying the delicious cuy (fried guinea pig) that is the best in the city.

5. Prasada The Vegan Temple

Choqechaka 416, Cusco, Peru (map, website)
Facebook/Prasada The Vegan Temple

Don’t worry vegetarians we have you covered! Prasada The Vegan Temple is one of the best restaurants in Cuzco, and for good reason. With ample portions, delicious fresh veggie tacos, savory tortilla soups and mouth-watering lentil burgers served with fresh toppings, it’s difficult not to love this restaurant.

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