5 Kosher Places To Eat In Jerusalem

Although Tel Aviv is MY place, Jerusalem is how I eventually chose to live in my favorite city.

Mahane Yehuda Market
Mahane Yehuda Market. UNSPLASH Elisheva Gohar

Walking past the Western Wall for the first time, simply staring at it was how I truly fell in love with Israel. Not only are the views breathtaking in Jerusalem, but the food is outstanding. Unlike Tel Aviv, most restaurants in Jerusalem are kosher. Here are some of the best local places to get your grub on.

Hummus Ben Sira

Ben Sira St 3, Jerusalem, 9418103

hummus ben sira
INSTAGRAM hummus_ben_sira

Whats better than hummus? PITA. Ben Sira is known for its hummus and pita. Are you even surprised? The warm fresh pita into the smoothest bowl of hummus. Fresh hummus is quite impossible to come by so thinking about this is making me so sad.

HaHummus Shel Tchina

Jerusalem Nissim Bachar 23, Jerusalem 9450956

HaHumus Shel Tchina is also known for its hummus dishes and tasty sides. You seriously can’t go wrong at this great place where you can meet with family, friends and colleagues. The atmosphere is extremely friendly and fun. The staff is welcoming, makes the entire dining experience that much better.

Falafel Mullah

Agripas St 82, Jerusalem

UNSPLASH Daria Nepriakhina

Mullah is the greatest place for falafel in Jerusalem. Pita, pickles onions, tahini, garlic…all of it stuffed inside a delightful pita.


Agripas St 44, Jerusalem

INSTAGRAM @marzipanbakery

Although Marzipan is more on the dessert menu, it’s the BEST bakery in all of Israel. Known for its fresh hot chocolate rugelach, Marzipan also makes all types of sweets that’ll make you drool.

Burger Market

HaArmonim St 3, Jerusalem

Burger Market
FACEBOOK Burger Market

Who doesn’t love a burger? Of course, falafel, hummus, shawarma…they’re all amazing but sometimes, don’t you simply crave for a nice burger? Burger Market is located in the amazing Machane Yehuda Market where any food you can try here will be delicious.

Sydney Dreyfus


Sydney has an out of the box personality and is passionate about finding the best food wherever she is. She is an absolute foodie and will travel many miles for a cup of coffee. She hopes to spend more years in Israel and traveling the rest of the world.

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