3 Must-Try Waterfront Restaurants In Mykonos

Take in views of the Aegean Sea while savoring Mediterranean cuisine at these eateries in Mykonos.

Apaggio Restaurant view
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As restaurants, bars and clubs continue to prepare to reopen in Mykonos, there are several spots worth making reservations for in planning for your next trip to the island known for its nightlife and beaches. Here are a few must-try waterfront restaurants in one of the gems of the Greek isles.

Compass Mykonos

Griboyedov channel embankment, 2Б, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186

Compass Mykonos
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Located in Tourlos, a village on the west coast of Mykonos, there are several characteristics of Compass Mykonos that make its dining experience unique. The view from its bar, which includes the sights of the new port of Mykonos and the island of Delos, allow for a memorable experience. One can also take in the sunset while enjoying a cocktail or dinner.

Compass Mykonos’ menu consists of Mediterranean plates with various cultural influences as well. One can savor a kabob topped with tzatziki sauce, a plate of risotto with porcini mushrooms or a cheeseburger with bacon and pickles. What’s more, Compass Mykonos offers several seafood dishes, allowing for an immersive evening on the banks of the Aegean Sea.

The restaurant also has a wine cellar from which the patron can choose a drink of their liking, with options hailing from several Greek wineries. With Compass Mykonos being only a 6-minute drive from Little Venice, it is a must-try for travelers.

Blue Myth Restaurant

Petinos Hotels,, Platis Gialos, Greece

Blue Myth Restaurant
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Established in 1969, Blue Myth Restaurant has been serving customers in a remarkable atmosphere for decades. Sitting above Platis Gialos Beach, patrons can gaze out at the Aegean Sea through the establishment’s veranda. Inside, the restaurant’s sleek white and blue color scheme leave a lasting impression on the customer.

If one makes a reservation for a Wednesday or Sunday, they may be able to enjoy a night filled with Greek music, dancing and singing. Along with the highly praised food and local wine, the ambience Blue Myth Restaurant offers makes dining there an unforgettable experience.

Blue Myth’s menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner options consisting of Mediterranean and international dishes. As it is located in the family-friendly neighborhood of Platis Gialos and only a 10-minute drive from Little Venice, the restaurant is a superb choice for families and solo travelers alike.

Apaggio Restaurant

BEFORE SANTA MARINA ENTRANCE Ornos Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Apaggio Restaurant
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Situated on the banks of the Aegean in Ornos, Apaggio Restaurant offers an environment pleasing to the senses. While dining in its veranda, patrons may hear the sounds of the waves while watching the sun duck behind the mountainous landscape across the sea.

With its seafood coming from local waters, Apaggio’s fresh fish selection is only one aspect of its unique menu. The establishment also sources its vegetables from Mykonos, Samos and Syros and uses local ksinotiro and kopanisti cheese in its dishes. The price per customer ranges from USD $24 to $73, and they are sure to be satisfied with their meal.

Apaggio was created in 2013 by the Sikiniotis family, who also created Ithaki Restaurant in Ornos in 2008. The local ties, which shine through in the menu, combined with the peaceful environment, are reasons to dine in the eatery by the sea.

Ray visited Mykonos in 2019.

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