Your Ideal St. Tropez Vacation

Saint-Tropez is Europe’s most famous seaside resort and unquestionably one of the French Riviera’s pearls.

St. Tropez
Photo by Valentin B. Kremer on Unsplash

In this article, we will give you tips on how to make your St Tropez vacation unforgettable. To start, contact Monaco yacht brokers to arrive in Saint Tropez in proper style – on a luxury yacht.

So, what will your ideal itinerary look like?

Enjoy the waters before you begin

Beautiful anchorages can easily be found in St. Tropez. Ask your skipper or captain to take you to a peaceful location with clear water and let nature take care of your morning routine.

Begin by having fun at the beach party

The best beach on the Riviera, the Pampelonne, is about 5 kilometres south of St Tropez. This beach is well-known for its long spit of white sand and the stunning colour of the sea. Spend the day at one of the well-known beach clubs, such as Club Les Palmiers or Le Club 55. If you’re looking for a day party and don’t mind ending your lunchtime with loud music and copious amounts of champagne, we recommend Loulou’s beach or the Bagatelle.

Continue with a fantastic dinner

Saint Tropez is well-known for its fun dinner spots. The fantastic shows and amazing fresh food set them apart from the rest of the Riviera. L’Opera is a popular hangout in town; this one-of-a-kind restaurant will make everyone’s evening unforgettable. You can eat gourmet food while watching dances on various themes, and then join in on the fun with modern music.

Finish your evening at a night club

Have you ever heard of the famous Les Caves du Roy? This club attracts all of the city’s partygoers and visitors who are ready to dance at least all night until dawn. This is a very popular nightclub. The interior design is flawlessly glossy and chic. Another place to visit is the VIP Room club, which is known for its rotating dance floor. Enjoy the French nightlife and come back to thank us later!

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