6 Manchester Must-Do’s Prove That It’s The New London

The up-and-coming major city has got just as much culture and nightlife as London.

Manchester is an exciting and bustling industrial city in Northern England. It’s quickly up-and-coming as a major city worth traveling to in the U.K., as it’s got just as much culture and nightlife as London while being a lot more affordable.

Here are 6 must-do’s to give you a taste of all the things there are to do in this lively metropolitan city!

1. Hang out in the Northern Quarter.

The Northern Quarter is popular for being the trendy, cool hub of the city. Vinyl record stores, vintage shops, bookstores and Scandi-chic cafés galore, the Northern Quarter has got everything you need to keep your inner cold crew coffee-loving hipster happy.

Photo: Nadia Cho

2. Play in Affleck’s Palace.

52 Church St, Manchester M4 1PW,United Kingdom (map)

When a friend from Manchester recommended going to Affleck’s Palace, he said “it’s the place to let your 14 year old Goth run free.” Not only is Affleck’s Palace great for adolescent Goths, it’s also got stuff for punks, mods, mystics, stoners and paraphernalia for every other over-the-top campy persona. With 4 floors of shops, arcades and cafés, Affleck’s Palace is an amazing, quirky place to spend an afternoon.

Photo: Nadia Cho

3. See art at the Whitworth Gallery.

Oxford Rd, Manchester M15 6ER, United Kingdom (website, map)

Situated at the end of the University of Manchester, the Whitworth Gallery is a breathtaking gallery that is free with temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. There’s a beautiful café with glass walls that looks out into the park outside which makes you feel as though you’re having coffee in the trees. For information about current exhibitions check here.

Whitworth Gallery
Photo: Nadia Cho

4. Afternoon tea at Honey Restaurant.

100 King St, Manchester M2, United Kingdom (website, map)

Located on the top floor of swanky Hotel Gotham, Honey Restaurant is the perfect place to have afternoon tea while looking down at the high rise buildings of downtown Manchester. For reservations for afternoon tea go here.

Photo: Nadia Cho

5. Check out Manchester’s Chinatown.

Faulkner St, Manchester M1 4EE, United Kingdom (map)

Manchester’s Chinatown is compact, clean and varied. Although it’s an assortment of different Asian cuisines other than Chinese like Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese, Chinatown is actually quite a trendy place to hang out, have a nice meal and grab a drink in Manchester.

Photo: Nadia Cho

6. Get a drink at Canal Street.

Of course Canal Street is famous for being Manchester’s lively, colorful gay district. With rainbows flags adorning every corner of bar windows and shops along the canal, Canal Street does Manchester’s gays proud. Whether you’re gay or not, grabbing a drink in Canal Street is a must.

Photo: Nadia Cho

Nadia Cho

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