5 Hong Kong Must-Do’s, Even A Horse Race!

Horse races, lots of shopping and rooftop bars!


1. Bet your travel budget away at the Happy Valley Horse Races. 

Wednesdays at Happy Valley are a mix of high rollers enjoying a social event and avid betters pouring over newspapers, calculating their odds. The races go from 7:00pm to 11:00pm and there are six horse races over the course of the night, creating a perfect blend of excitement and time to socialize. The currency conversion even makes it feel like you are betting more money than the actual value – a relief if you don’t end up a winner.

2. Shop, Shop, Shop!

Visitors travel from all over Asia to Hong Kong for excellent shopping opportunities. For those looking for designer items, there are both well-known high fashion stores in Central and Causeway Bay as well as individual boutiques in Soho. Mongkok in Kowloon is the site of the markets and different markets have specialty goods such as the ladies market, specializing in women’s clothing and the goldfish market which really does specialize in goldfish.


3. Enjoy a drink with a view from a rooftop bar.

If you’re looking to rub elbows with Hong Kong’s elite or just enjoy a good view, a rooftop bar is a great place to do it. Ozone, part of the Ritz Carlton, is the world’s highest bar, located on the 118th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building.

4. Get your chicken feet fix at a Dim Sum Restaurant.

Dim sum is Hong Kong’s culinary specialty and it refers to enjoying small food items while sipping hot tea. Dim sum is generally a lunch meal so plan to eat between 11am and 2pm. The most traditional dim sum restaurants are rooms full of large circular tables with waitresses pushing around carts of tasty steamed items and desserts. The most fun way to eat is to just point to things that look good as they pass on the carts and try them out. Barbeque pork buns are a staple and, of course, chicken feet are worth a try.


5. Take some postcard-worthy pictures at Victoria Peak.

Any Google image search of Hong Kong will produce beautiful images of Hong Kong as viewed from Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island. As many times as you might see this image, the view is far better in person. Victoria Peak is most easily accessed by riding the historic peak tram but can also be reached by hiking or riding a city bus. The view is equally impressive during the day or at night, so take some time and enjoy the view of one of the world’s most impressive skylines!

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Anton Walker

Born in Aarau, Switzerland and grew up in San Diego, Anton always goes for a run in a new city - it's the best way to explore and see areas that sight-seeing routes won’t cross. As a huge car person, he always tries to pick up car magazines in different countries that he visits as souvenirs.

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