Where To Eat & Drink In Rio de Janeiro

Find the drink of your choice no matter where this truly cidade maravilhosa takes you!

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With so many bars and restaurants to choose from in this sprawling cityscape, Rio de Janeiro boasts an amazing variety of establishments and must-try drinks. From hidden gems and hole-in-the-walls, to delicious coffee hang-outs and refreshing juice bars, you’re sure to find the drink of your choice no matter where this truly cidade maravilhosa takes you!

Here are my top ten bars in Rio de Janeiro that you absolutely need hit up!

1. Cafeína

Rua Farme de Amoedo, 43 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22420-020, Brazil (map, website)

If you love delicious espresso and delectable desserts then Cafeína is the perfect spot for you! With multiple locations throughout the city, including Ipanema, Leblon and Botafogo, you’re sure to enjoy scrumptious treats and a tasty cup of coffee no matter which neighborhood you happen to stroll through.

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2. Empório 37

Rua Maria Quitéria, 37 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22410-040, Brazil (map, website)

With a thumping and raucous atmosphere, filled with eclectic sounds of alternative rock, Empório 37 is a popular bar for cariocas and gringos looking for a delicious drink in Ipanema.

3. Bar Astor

Avenida Vieira Souto, 110 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22420-002, Brazil (map, website)

If chic and elegance are more to your liking, then Bar Astor is the place to be! Situated in lovely Ipanema, this bar serves 20 unique and exotic flavors of caipirinhas (priced between R$16.50-$21 or USD$5.25-$6.75) and is a can’t-miss while in Rio.

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4. Palaphita Kitch

Av. Epitácio Pessoa, S/N – Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro, 22471-003, Brazil (map, website)

The open-air roof, rustic furnishings and rows of tiki torches create the perfect atmosphere for a lovely drink at Palaphita Kitch at sundown. Ideally located within the peaceful purview of a beautiful lake, this lounge is the perfect way to wind down after enjoying a full day in the cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city).

5. Bar Garota de Ipanema

Rua Vinícius de Moraes, 49 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22411-010, Brazil (map, website)

For many tourists, the open-air atmosphere Bar Garota de Ipanema serves as the go-to spot while in Lagoa – but, for many others, it will forever be remembered as the inspiration for the famous bossa nova classic song “The Girl from Ipanema,” penned by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Viníius de Moraes.

Facebook Garota de Ipanema
Facebook/Garota de Ipanema

6. Shenanigan’s

Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 112 A – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22410-000, Brazil (map, website)

For sports fanatics and fútbol enthusiasts, Shenanigan’s is one of the top Irish pubs in the city. It’s garnered a popular following amongst locals and foreigners, not to mention there’s live rock music played routinely throughout the week.

Facebook Shenanigan's Irish Pub
Facebook/Shenanigan’s Irish Pub

7. Devassa

Rua Bolívar, 8 – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, 22061-020, Brazil (map, website)

With terrific views of the beach and a name you won’t soon forget (Devassa loosely translates to promiscuous), this microbrewery serves everything from great beer, scenic views and much more.

8. Bar Urca

Rua Cândido Gafree, 205 – Urca, Rio de Janeiro, 22291-080, Brazil (map, website)

No matter what you do or where you go in Rio, the place everyone always seems to gather once the sun sets is along the Urca seawall to take in the amazing views of the bay’s warm and inviting waters. This is usually the most popular meet-up spot, so be sure to stop by Bar Urca and enjoy the scenery with a delicious drink in hand!

Facebook Bar e Restaurante Urca
Facebook/Bar e Restaurante Urca

9. Cobal do Humaitá

Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 446 – Humaitá, Rio de Janeiro, 22270-018, Brazil (map, website)

This fresh-food market serves amazing gourmet meals during the day and delicious drinks at night, which is when Cobal do Humaitá turns into a thriving and electric nightspot once the sun settles below the horizon.

Facebook Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento - Conab
Facebook/Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento – Conab

10. Polis Sucos

Rua Maria Quitéria, 70 – Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, 22410-040, Brazil (map, website)

If you thought Rio was only about cachaça and caipirinhas, think again! No visit to Rio de Janeiro or Brazil can ever be complete without a taste of homemade and freshly squeezed juice picked from local exotic fruits. You should make it a point to stop by Polis Sucos, one of the top juice bars in the city.

Facebook Polis Sucos
Facebook/Polis Sucos


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