5 Things To Do In Austrian Winter Mountains Besides Skiing

This is the first must-do in Austria.


Alpengasthof Krische
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If you want to spend a day just like a native Austrian, grab your hiking sticks and try their number one activity: power walking. You will discover wonderful landscapes and you will even gain healthy benefits by spending some time in the fresh air.

Visit castles.

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In Austria there is literally a castle, a palace, a fort or ruins in every corner. If you are interested in seeing the most popular tourist attraction, going to Vienna or Salzburg is the best choice for you. The castle of Schönbrunn in Vienna is open with exhibitions and sometimes it serves nice free time facilities in its beautiful park-like smaller festivals.
If you are thinking of discovering less touristy places, you might like the Carinthian part of the country, where you will find mystical medieval forts and ruins just like castle Hochosterwitz and so on.

Get to know more about traditional gastronomy.

Photo: Dorina Nemeskeri

In the cold winter nights, popping into a cozy Hütte might be the best decision. Maybe Austria isn’t the most famous of their gastronomy but there is a lot of other great choices besides wiener schnitzel. My best dish in Austria was in a tiny medieval restaurant , eating salmon, freshly caught from the local river. These little Hüttes are usually owned by families, so the ambiance is very friendly and comfortable. If you would like to try something really local, I would recommend visiting Alpengasthof Krische in Murau. A more then 100 years old traditional hotel, with delicious authentic dishes.

Let’s skate!

Photo: Dorina Nemeskeri

Austria is full of breathtaking lakes. They aren’t just fun in the summer, they are also a good choice for free time facilities in the winter, when they are frozen. If you don’t dare to skate on the ice, you can just take a walk and the view will be amazing in the middle of the lake surrounded by mountains.


Photo: Dorina Nemeskeri

If ski and snowboard is too extreme for you, there are other safe and fun choices to slide down from the hills. Tubing! Jump in a donut and slide down to enjoy the view! Wohoo!

Dorina Nemeskéri

Contributor, JST SHOP Vendor

Dorina works as a fashion illustrator based in Hungary. She is a dreamer, always in search of new inspirations on her adventures. She can never travel without her watercolor kit!

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