THIS Motorcycle Tour Is How You Should Road Trip In Argentina & Ecuador

Looking for a motorcycle tour or a 4X4 adventure with premium services? Mono500 offers a unique way to explore those two beautiful countries.

Photo: Mono500

Based in Argentina and Ecuador, Mono500 specializes in authentic motorcycle and 4X4 guided tours and offers high quality trips.

Ride an old-fashion-style Royal Enfield Classic 500, or drive a full-option 4X4 vehicle to explore astonishing landscapes in Argentina and Ecuador astonishing landscapes, as well as their beautiful cultures and lifestyles. 

Photo: Mono500

More than miles, we want to share a human experience throughout cultural discoveries and natural delights.

Mono500 provides various trips that you can choose from: join a group or come with your friends whenever it works best for you. You can also rent motorcycles and 4X4 vehicles to go on a self-guided tour. Best part: they will help you plan your trip. 

The North West region of Argentina shelters an uncountable amount of natural treasures, from highlands to fertile plains with a strong traditional culture, and ancestral Andean habits. There is a reason why it is called “Argentina’s garden.”

Photo: Mono500

The company has a base in Salta, also called by locals “Salta la Linda” (Salta the beautiful).

From here, Mono500 takes you on a spectacular ride across lagoons, salt lake deserts, highlands’ wilderness, and traditional villages. From one stage to another, you will ride perfectly asphalted winding roads, as well as dirt tracks.

Rest in premium hotels, taste the Argentinean world-renowned wine, and delight yourself with Argentinean’s finest cuisine.

In Ecuador, the Mono500’s team is located on the tropical Pacific shore and welcomes you in their Eco-Lodge facing the ocean.

Photo: Mono500

Relax and enjoy the beach before or after going on an incredible ride across Ecuador. The fleet of Royal Enfield is ready to lead you through the Amazon and discover indigenous villages, to the Andean Mountain range and its snowcapped volcanoes, onto the pacific coast and its heavenly beaches.

Once again, the tour includes premium hotels and well-selected Ecuadorian restaurants.

The Mono500’s team is a professional and friendly group of passionate adventurers themselves, eager to provide travelers with the best services possible to share their discoveries and love for the South American continent.

Article written by SIMON BASUYAU. Check out Mono500’s website here.

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