9 Best Wakeboard Boats For 2023: Which One Is Your Pick?

Interested in buying a wakeboarding boat? Here are the 9 best wakeboard boats for you to choose from!

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With advancements in technology , the wake boats we know today are far beyond the capabilities of the ones of the past.  Some might still have a retro-shaped hull or deck, but the interior may be on another level. Others might not be paying much attention to the interior but have an innovation in hull design and engine power. 

Even though there are features you can add to subdue some of those weaknesses, buying the one that already has the best features can lessen the hassles you will face. Thus, in this article, we’ll sum up 9 of the best wake boats you can get in the market for wakeboarding.

Top 9 Wake Boats For Wakeboarding List

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top 9 list of the best wakeboarding boats you can get.

1. Supra SA 550

First is from a veteran master in the wakeboarding boat industry, the Supra SA. As the official tow boat of the Pro Wakeboard Tour and Pro Wakesurf Tour for the past five years, Supra SA is considered one of the best and all-rounded wakeboarding boats in its class. With multiple camera angles for the driver to monitor the rider, a large touch-screen display, and Chill Tech Vinyl, Supra SA is also really comfortable to drive and hop on to.

2. Moomba Kaiyen

We jump to one of the most affordable wake boats for wakeboarding in the market, the Moomba Kaiyen. The 21 ft long wake boat can accommodate up to 15 people at one go. And with a 3,700 pounds ballast, Moomba Kaiyen has one of the best handlings out of the other competition. 

The Moomba Kaiyen is also equipped with a Nautique Surf system that allows you to create a huge and powerful wake for the rider to surf on. And with a compact and sleek design, Moomba Kaiyen is one of the wake boats to die for.

3. Super Air Nautique GS22E

If we’re talking about the advancement in wakeboarding boat technology, Super Air Nautique will be the one that comes to mind. One highlight of this wake boat is that it has a Nautique Surf System with Waveplate technology to make a more direct and surfable waterflow. Also, with Nautique’s signature Helm Command rotary dial on the armrest above the throttle, you can easily monitor and access all the boat’s functions and controls without moving your hands.

4. Centurion Vi24

Centurion is known for its low profile and sleek design. If you’re the kind of person who loves to accentuate the beauty of your wakeboarding boat, then this one’s for you. But make no mistake, with a steeper V-Shaped hull added with a wake plate on the back, Centurion Vi24 can make a smooth, strong, and more symmetrical wake to surf.  

5. Malibu Wakesetter 21 LX

Malibu Wakesetter is one of the first wake boats with a hybrid bow design of V-shaped and pickle fork bow style. Innovation has been one of the strong suits of the Wakesetter, and this time Malibu Wakesetter is completed with a touch-screen control that enables you, as a rider, to control the wake with a Surf Band easily.

6. Supreme ZS252

With a striking color and design, Supreme ZS252 is an attention catcher when sailing through the water. This wake boat is also designed with an EZ-V Shaped Hull, allowing a smoother ride with symmetrical wake outputs. The Supreme ZS252 is deemed one of the high-class and luxury wake boat models with a competitive price.

7. Tige RZX

Tige RZX is one of the few wakeboarding boat models emphasizing the customizable user interface. It focuses its design on giving the driver and the passenger the luxurious feeling of driving a wake boat. At the same time, it also facilitates the rider with a Convex-V hull and TAPS 3 T trim plates that allow the boat  to make a firmer yet smoother wake on either side of the boat

8. Heyday H22

The Heyday H22 is another affordable yet sleek-looking wake boat that can deliver an excellent wakeboarding experience. The outer look isn’t so much of a feat because it still carries its traditional looks, but the interior and cockpit design are the ones to die for. Also, with the V-Shaped hull, the Heyday H22 can create a vast and clean wake that’s enjoyable to surf.

9. MasterCraft X-Star

MasterCraft X-Star, upgraded and released in 2022, has received development and technological advancement like never before. It now has a graphic wave display that will show how the adjustment you made in the settings will affect the formation of the wake. It also has ballast options that will let you form a perfect wake shape and size.

The MasterCraft X-Star is also a feat for the passengers because it has such an efficient setting arrangement that allows them to watch the wakeboarding show without any strain on the neck. 

When choosing a wake boat you need to think of a lot of considerations. It depends on many things, but most importantly, you need to know the strong points you want from your wake boat. And we hope the list above can help you briefly decide which wake boats are worthy of your attention and which or not.

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