3 Fabulous Ways To Beating The Heat In Los Angeles

To keep you body at the perfect temperature!

As I’m writing this sitting in my cool, air-conditioned apartment, it’s barely 11AM here in Los Angeles and the temperature is well into the 80s. You all know the kind of heat I’m talking about- not the type of morning sun that feels revitalizing on your skin, but the kind of heat that has you sweating within 10 minutes of being out the door, instantly regretting your decision to leave.

Goodbye May Grey and June Gloom- hello clear skies! Summertime in LA is the most desired season for both locals and tourists- I mean it’s pretty hard to say to no constant sunshine, hotel pools, margaritas, and intense but dry heat (we all know how much worse humidity is).

Although dealing with LA’s strong rays can sometimes be exhausting, there are abundant activities to do in this huge city that are fun, affordable, and will keep you body at the perfect temperature! I’ve put together some of my favorite things to do in LA during the summer, and I hope you’ll get as much enjoyment out of them as I do.

1. Check out a museum.

I know some people are not into museums, and don’t feel the need to criticize obscure pieces of art. I totally get it. But, there are museums that are interactive, and dare I say it, fun. The Broad in Downtown LA is the perfect museum to spend the day in to escape the heat from. With awesome pop art, life-size pieces, and a cute café adjacent, this is ideal place to both cool off and show all of your Instagram and Snapchat followers where the trendy art is. If you’re over 21, there’s even a hotel just a patch of grass away where you can down a few cold beers after a day of learning about different artists.

2. Hang out at a rooftop bar. 

I think we can all agree one of the best perks of summer is the late sunsets. How can you not love when the sun doesn’t set until 8:30 PM every single night for 3 months? With a golden sky and temperatures finally becoming more tolerable, the smartest thing to do is hit up a rooftop bar. EP LP is my go-to rooftop bar on any given day of the week. Owned and run by Australians, I can’t help but want to call this bar a bit of my second home. With amazing views, good music every night, and a great menu for when the drunchies kick in, it’s hard for me to deny this place my business. I’ve literally never had a bad time here. It’s almost like the employees know when you’re feeling a certain way; even in the colder months they light up fire heaters and pass around fuzzy blankets to make sure you’re cozy in that cute outfit.

3. Have a beach day. 

This might seem like to most obvious and instinctive thing to do when it’s super hot out, right? Some people aren’t into the beach- whether it’s too much sand or annoying people who don’t know how to shake their towels out away from your face. But if you find the right beach, which there are plenty of in LA, you can make an epic day out of catching some waves, getting Vitamin D, and bringing all of the necessary food and drinks to snack on. Take a drive along Pacific Coast Highway out to Malibu and lay low with the locals on the sand or at one of the many amazing seafood restaurants.

So jetsetters, if you’re from LA or plan on visiting anytime soon, I hope some of these activities are right up your alley to avoid sweating outside all day long. Take it from someone who was born and raised out here, you’re going to want to either be in an air conditioned room, have some chilled drinks on hand, or both.

Photos: Blair Siegel

How do you beat the LA heat? Share with us in the comments.

Blair Siegel


Blair is a LA local with a huge appetite for delicious foods, adventure, writing and quality coffee. When she's not working in fashion or traveling, you can catch her by the pool or at the best rooftop bar!

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