24 Hours: What To Do On Gozo Island

It’s Malta’s sister island!

Ferry from Malta to Gozo
Ferry from Malta to Gozo. Photo: Wendy Hung

Gozo is a Mediterranean island, part of the Maltese archipelago. You may have heard of Gozo from Homer’s The Odyssey, since the island is the home of nymph Calypso, who was in love with Odysseus and held him captive for many years. Folks who live on Gozo Island are called: Gozitans, and there are 37,000 locals who live there.

If you’re visiting Malta, taking a ferry by day to visit Gozo Island is a total must. The Gozo Channel Line has several boats that go back and forth every day, and the ride is about less than an hour each way. Once you get on Gozo, here are some  pretty cool must-dos:

DO: Dive & snorkel in the Blue Hole.

Blue Hole, Gozo, Malta
Blue Hole, Gozo, Malta. Photo: Wendy Hung

A fan of Game of Thrones? It’s been shot here! The Blue Hole and the Azure Window are the most popular sites for diving and snorkeling in Gozo. They sit side-by-side, with the Azure Window’s rock formation up to 328 feet high that naturally captivate many cliff divers. Meanwhile, below the water is known as the Blue Hole, where divers can access a 262-foot tunnel filled with sea horses, fire worms, and a beautiful sea life.

SEE: Get cultural at Ġgantija Temples.

Ġgantija Temples, Gozo, Malta
Ġgantija Temples, Gozo, Malta. Photo: Wendy Hung

The neolithic temples are even older than Egypt’s pyramids! They’re manmade religious structures uncovered during Neolithic period, making them more than 5,500 years old. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ġgantija Temples contain several figurines and statues that symbolize fertility ceremonial rites.

EAT: Lunch at the charming Il-Wileġ Bed & Breakfast.

Il-Wileġ Bed & Breakfast, Gozo, Malta
Il-Wileġ Bed & Breakfast, Gozo, Malta. Photo: Wendy Hung

The laidback and charming Il-Wileġ Bed & Breakfast is a fantastic choice for a midday break. The 150-year-old converted farmhouse serves up a menu of traditional Maltese food. The back courtyard is utterly alluring, providing a rustic photo-op!

EAT: If not, you can also eat at Ta’ Rikardu, inside the Citadella.

Ta' Rikardu, Malta
Ta’ Rikardu, Malta. INSTAGRAM @stegarlick

If you’re crunch for time, eating at Ta’ Rikardu is a fabulous option since it’s a popular restaurant inside the Cietadella. Always crowded, the family-owned eatery features unique Gozitan bread, local cheese and wine.

SEE: Spend the afternoon at Citadella.

Citadella, Gozo, Malta
Citadella, Gozo, Malta. Photo: Wendy Hung

One of the main attraction on Gozo Island is the impressive Citadella of Victoria from the Bronze Age. It’s also a former acropolis of Gaulosor Glauconis Civitas – a Punic-Roman city. During the Medieval times, the acropolis was converted into a castle that became a home for Gozo refugees. During the 15th century, people started to live in the area that became Victoria. By the 16th century, the Ottomans invaded Gozo and the Cittadella was under siege. Here, you’ll see churches, Cathedral of the Assumption…and much more.

EAT: Devour an amazing meal at Tmun Mgarr.

Facebook Tmun Mgarr
Facebook: Tmun Mgarr

Operated by a husband and wife team – Jane and Leli Buttigieg – Tmum Mgarr is giving Gozitan cuisine a very good reputation. Their signature Bouillabaisse soup is not to be missed. It contains more than seven types of fish. The restaurant is located right by the ferry station, on Mgarr Harbour. You’ll want to taste a bit of everything on the menu: meat, seafood, pasta…all that good stuff!

DRINK: Groove with locals at Zeppi’s Pub.

Facebook zeppi's pub
Facebook: zeppi’s pub

For a true taste of local vibes, Zeppi’s Pub is where to go. There’s live music boasting the joys of island cool, and you’ll meet locals who are extremely friendly. The ambiance is chill, Gozitan, and an absolutely authentic experience.

Wendy Hung


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