Top 5 Santorini Restaurants To Get Your Grub On

From hole-in-the-wall joints to gastronomic fine-dining.

Our selections combine local flavors and travelers’ favorites. Spanning from hole-in-the-wall joints to gastronomic fine-dining, you’re sure to have a tasty time in these Santorini restaurants!

PRO TIP! Try to steer away from restaurants in the hills of Oia, they’re typically filled with tourists and the prices are unnecessarily hiked up.

1. Selene – Best Fine-Dining

Santorini, Pyrgos, Pirgos Kallistis 847 00, Greece (map, website)

Neighborhood: Pyrgos

Arguably the most renowned restaurant in Santorini, Selene offers flavorful plates as individual edible art. Its signature presentation move is the pouring of colorful sauces that magnify each mouthwatering bite. There was a time in Greece when the focus on gastronomic cuisine was solely on the French-style of cooking, Selene was one of the first restaurants to highlight Santorini cuisine by gathering local: producers, chefs, and winemakers. We couldn’t tell you which dish to order since everything on the menu is a must-try, including: Pigeon étouffe with chicken liver parfait, and Lamb with eggplant and black olive paste.

* Selene also offers Cooking & Tasting Class, and a more affordable part of the restaurant: The Bistro.

2. Cava Alta – Best All-Around

Pyrgos, Pyrgos, Santorini 847 00, Greece (map, website)

Neighborhood: Pyrgos

A fun restaurant with live music, and fantastic list of Greek tapas made for sharing. Situated in the hidden alleys inside the main square in Pyrgos, Cava Alta has brought many diners back even if they’re staying in Oia. Don’t miss: Veal T-bone which is cooked to order, Goat Cheese Salad, and the Mushroom Risotto.

3. Cafe The Old Barber Shop – Best Hidden Cafe

Emporio 847 03, Greece (map)

Neighborhood: Emporio

If you’re looking for a neighborhood cafe, so small and hidden in the charming alleys of Emporio, then look no further than The Old Barbershop. The family-run hidden gem is the best place to start the day. Tranquil, quiet, yet incredibly alluring. Especially if you’re staying in the Emporio area – which we highly recommend – then this cafe will soon become your favorite daytime hangout.

4. Argo – Best View Of Caldera Without Breaking The Bank

Thera 847 00, Greece (map, website)

Neighborhood: Fira (Thera)

You’ll find that many restaurants in the same area with the view of Caldera will be overpriced. But at Argo, not only is the Greek and international menu within budget, the panoramic view is killer. While dining by the Aegean Sea, don’t miss: Patatina (small potatoes), Lamb chops and Stifado (Greek stew).

5. Mezedopoleio to Emporeio – Best Local Joint

Emporio 84703, Greece (map, website)

Neighborhood: Emporio

Looking for a truly local Mediterranean spot that doesn’t even appear on Google Maps? Check out Mezedopoleio to Emporeio. It’s a family-run small eatery that features fresh produce, served in a casual but cozy manner. Try: the garlic dip, pork steak, calamari, and stuffed mushrooms.

*Getting there might be confusing since the restaurant doesn’t appear on Google Maps, and it doesn’t have a website. But once you reach Emporio, stop by Cafe Desiderio and ask the staff for directions to Mezedopoleio to Emporeio, it’ll be walking distance from the cafe.

Wendy spent 2 weeks island hopping in Greece.

Wendy Hung


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