10 Santorini Foods You’ve Gotta Try

Wine, tomatoes, capers, and…how can we forget fava?

These are 10 Santorini foods and dishes you shouldn’t forget to devour! Remember, Santorini’s rugged terrain and pumice-laced soil makes for tasty fruits! 

1. Fava 

Santorini Fava
Santorini Fava. INSTAGRAM @lacasadibarbara

Santorini’s split peas are famous all over the country. Fava typically means mashed up fava beans. But the Santorini fava is one of the most important dishes on this romantic island. Santorini fava has a particular velvety texture that makes a great base for different food experiments.

2. Tomatokeftedes 

Tomatokeftedes. INSTAGRAM @dumplingsandmore

Or, tomato fritters, which are fried tomato balls made from crushed or pureed tomatoes fried in oil. They’re typically served as appetizers. The batter of tomatoes and flour kneaded into a dough with spices, onions, mint, and parsley. After, the dough is fried in oil. 

3. Apochti

Apochti. INSTAGRAM @a_rigasrigopoulos

The Greek’s carpaccio is apochti, which is a pork meat processed by sprinkling it with salt, marinating in vinegar, then adding cinnamon and chopped black pepper. It takes at least four days to prepare. Once it’s ready, it can be eaten a few days later either in slices or incorporated in fava with tomato recipes.

4. Cod, Gurnard & Shore Dinner

Selene Restaurant
FACEBOOK Selene Restaurant

Santorinians LOVE fresh seafood because luckily they’re surrounded by fertile soil and a breathtaking coastline. Cod, gurnard, and shore dinner (kakavia) is a favorite among locals. If you see cod on the menu, make sure to try it as “Brandade de Bacalao” which means cod in the oven with creamy garlic sauce.

5. Kopania

Kopania. PHOTO katikies.com

These beautiful sweet treats are healthy too! Kopania are made from powdered barley rusks, raisins, and sesame seeds. If you love sesame balls in a dim sum restaurant, then you’ll love kopania.

6. Capers

Santorini capers
Santorini capers. INSTAGRAM @gusthegreek.wholesale

Known for capers since ancient days, Santorini grows capers everywhere. Quite literally. It can hang from the caldera cliffs or hanging on people’s homes. The pickling process is basically spoken them in water, vinegar and salt. These babies show up in salads, lava puree…etc.

7. Melitinia

Melitinia. INSTAGRAM @artemis_suites_caldera

Melitinia is a Santorinian traditional recipe that came from Lent when fasting was obligatory and people had to figure out a way to use fresh cheese and butter in order for them not to be wasted. Melitinia are sweet little jewels pinched by hand, made from mizithra cheese, sugar, and mastiff powder. Due to its history, you can mostly see these around Easter.

8. White wine

Santorini Greece
PHOTO Wendy Hung

For those who love a good glass of white, Santorini is a great place to taste some beautiful notes. Wine in Santorini has been produced since the ancient times, then it became popular during the Middle Ages thanks to the influence of Venice. You want to try Santorini Vin Santo which is made in passito-style from grapes dried in the sun after harvest. Santorini also produces lovely rosés made from white grapes. The volcanic soil also makes the wines in this region particularly interesting! 

9. White eggplant

White eggplants
INSTAGRAM @spadenapron

Again due to the volcanic soil on the island, white eggplants here are especially unique. They’re sweet with few seeds, to be consumed fried, pureed, or raw in salads.

10. Chlorotyri cheese

Chlorotyri goat cheese
Chlorotyri goat cheese. FACEBOOK Mylo.Kalamata

Only in Santorini can you find chlorotyri cheese, which is made from goat milk. White, creamy and a tad sour, you can either spread them on bread or drop a few pieces on salads.

Wendy Hung


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