Ensenada, Mexico Is Way More Fun With These 3 Wineries


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Sip happens during a weekend at the wineries and nothing is better than Valle de Guadalupe, Ensenada when it comes to wineries in Mexico. Not only is there amazing scenery, you’ll also get to drink as much wine as you want and somehow still be considered classy. Here are a few wineries you should visit in Ensenada along with some tips to get you VIP service.

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The first thing to do before heading to the wineries is assign a designated driver. This is hands down the most difficult decision of the trip. Luckily, you can get around by taking a taxi or an Uber. Another thing to do before leaving is make a reservation at one of the big wineries.

First stop: Casa Frida

Rancho San Marcos S/N, El Porvenir, Ejido Francisco Zarco, Villa De Juárez, Baja California, Mexico (map, website)

Yes, THE Frida Kahlo. But don’t get too excited, because she’s never home. Now, this winery is relatively new so it is on the small side. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a girl wearing a painted apron. She will give you a brief history of the vineyard and then take you to the small church which has been converted to a VIP room. Once you purchase a bottle of wine, you will be led to the wine tasting area which is basically a bunch of hay stacks and coffee tables. The staff here loves to flaunt whatever “knowledge” they have about the wine but since this will most likely be your first stop, you’ll know how to tell the difference between a red and a white.

Next stop: Baron Balche

Baja California, Mexico (map, website)

Now you can let your appreciation for vino shine. While some people pay to take a wine class, lucky for you, it only takes two dollars and a fifteen minute tour to learn how wine is made and pretend that you understand it. At the end of your tour, you’ll be able to brag about oaky flavors and legs other than your own. Stop at the wine shop and buy a few bottles to enjoy on the patio. Sit down and let all that wine and facts from the tour soak in. Before heading out, walk around the vineyard and take pictures with your besties. Make sure you’re holding a wine glass or better yet, the entire bottle.

Last stop: Cuatro Cuatros

El Tigre, Carretera libre Tijuana-Ensenada Km. 89, El Sauzal de Rodriguez, 22760 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico (map, website)

There are a ton of wineries you can visit but you need to add Cuatro Cuatros to your wine-tinerary. I recommend making reservations here, specifically at sunset. Once you get there, a bus will take you down to the restaurant and wineries. When you get out of the bus, you’ll walk this dirt path to the check in area. If you made reservations you can pass by everyone else and they will immediately sit you at a table. First things first, order more wine and a cheese plate. While you wait for the waiter to return take pictures. If the numbers of likes on these photos don’t break a record, then your followers are seriously disturbed.

Photos: Nicole Young


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