How To Get The Morning After Pill In France

No fuss, no muss.

Taking and buying the morning after pill are two completely different experiences, anywhere around the world. In order to take one, you actually have to buy one. If there’s one thing travel blogs don’t mention enough is how often people hook up on trips and accidents happen. Even when many of us are in long-distance relationships, what if excitement turns into an “oopsie” of an over-excitement? This is something we’ll start to cover a lot more on JST, simply because I don’t think women share enough information regarding this delicate yet significant topic, especially when we’re in a foreign country.

People can hate on Paris for many things, but the accessibility of its pharmacies is truly fabulous. In price, and in proximity. In France, morning after pills are available over the counter without prescription, you don’t need to show ID and there isn’t an age restriction.

Ask for “pilule du lendemain.”

If you find yourself in need of Plan B, head to a local pharmacie (they’re quite literally at every corner in Paris but might be more spread out in other cities.) Ask for: pilule du lendemain. It translates to “pill of tomorrow,” you can pronounce it as: pee-lu doo lan-de-men. The official name is: la contraception d’urgence, if you can’t say it, most pharmacists will speak a little English, at least enough to understand as you utter these three words: morning after pill. 

No judgement. 

Most pharmacists won’t give you an “attitude” or “the look” which makes you look like you’ve just committed a horrendous crime. They will most likely present a straight face, if not being incredibly sweet and informative. As judgmental as the French can be at times, they easily shrug off the shame we already put upon ourselves when it comes to Plan B.

Facebook ellaOne UK
Facebook: ellaOne UK

Between €3 and €7.

In the U.S., a packet of morning after pills costs $47.49 at Target. In the UK, it costs almost £35 at Lloyds and an extra £5.99 if you order it online. Access to Plan B comes at a price, and is only available to those who can pay for it. In France, however, you can buy it over the counter by spending between €3 and €7. When crisis can be averted without costing an arm and a leg, it sure merits a thousands sighs of relief.

The brands will vary, from EllaOne which you should take within 5 days after intercourse or Norlevo which you should take within 3 days after intercourse.

If you need anything else, I’ve discovered the French pharmacists to be extremely friendly especially if they know you’re panicked. Be open, be honest and they’ll be more than happy to wiggle you out of a jam.

Wendy Hung


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