Discover Provence In France: Vineyards, Architecture, Culinary Specialties, Activities 

Provence is in the southeast of France. The beautiful landscape, charming villages, and delicious meals are what Provence is known for. There is much to do and explore in this region, from the lavender fields in full bloom to quaint medieval villages.

Discover Provence
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The famous vineyards, local markets and the Calanques are some of the things that make this place a perfect destination for summer holidays. Whether you are interested in exploring the natural beauty of Provence, discovering the area’s cultural heritage, or sampling the local food and drinks, this post has everything you are looking for. Here is what you can do and places to visit in Provence.

Visit the vineyards

In France, Provence is commonly known for its wines, and the best season to visit the vineyard is summer. This region produces various wines, like white, red and rose wines. These wines have crisp, light, refreshing flavors and perfectly complement the region’s local meals. When you visit this place, you can consider having a guided tour. The tour typically entails visiting the vineyards, where you will be taught the wine-making process and taste French wine from Provence.

Visit areas with unique architecture.

Provence is among the top beautiful cities in Western Europe. There are many options for the creative professions with many antecedents of art and architecture. Provence is a region that has been lucky to house some iconic buildings that have defined their relevance in France and worldwide. Provence delivers a stunning mix of enormous hip roofs and post-modern stand-out add to the skyline, along with some of Europe’s tastiest croissants and pastries. The most prominent tourist spots you should not miss are the boulevards of Paris and the magnificent Gothic churches.

Culinary specialties

Apart from visiting places and experiencing the region’s beauty and historic culture, you might consider trying out some of the locals’ meals. The cuisine of Provence is similar to the one of Italy’s eastern border, which benefits from the sun’s rays. The outcome of the pride of Provence’s kitchen is its abundant, flavourful vegetables. When you visit this region, you will encounter a lot of flavor in the air. You will indeed like to have a taste of the meals. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful meals accompanied by the sweet wine produced in this region.


There are many activities that you take part in this region. If you are good at hiking, then there is room for you. Go to the Calanques, a place that is best for hiking. It has magnificent inland hiking trails plus incredible coastal vistas. Those who love water activities can participate in white water rafting along the Gorges Du Verdon. Among the best activities in Provence is white water rafting. Another activity you may consider is riding on the Telepherique Du Mont Faron. It is a family-friendly activity, and you will soar a maximum of 2000 feet in the sky.

After long and tiresome working days, taking a break from the regular job is always cool. Once you break from your job, don’t stay at home idling. Plan a vacation to relieve your body from the past daily work routines. One of the places that you should visit is Provence in France; you will encounter friendly locals, yummy foods and a favorable climate for all activities.

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