An Exploration Of Pablo Picasso In Spain

Visit the Spanish municipalities that the painter and sculptor, Pablo Picasso, influenced.

Pablo Picasso, one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, became inspired by several Spanish sites while he lived in the nation in the early years of his career. Artistically shaping many of the cities in which he lived, such as Málaga and Barcelona, as well as drawing inspiration from several of the municipalities he visited, like A Coruña and Horta de Sant Joan, Picasso has become connected with many Spanish locations to which one can travel today.

Tower of Hercules
Tower of Hercules. Photo by Borre Design on Unsplash

The Museo Casa Natal, which houses some of Picasso’s works and personal belongings, is a notable location in Málaga one can visit to learn about the artist in a unique setting. The building is where Picasso was born and is located in the complex where his parents lived.

One can see notebooks of preparatory drawings for works that gave rise to the African Period and Cubism movement, as well as 238 lithographs and 34 ceramic pieces. In total, the museum houses more than 4,000 pieces by 200 artists.

Museu Picasso Barcelona
FACEBOOK Museu Picasso Barcelona

Located approximately 700 miles away from Málaga is A Coruña. A city located on the northwestern coast of Spain, Picasso became inspired by its Tower of Hercules and Playa de Riazor, sites which are depicted in some of his paintings. Visitors can follow a tourist route to see these locations and also Casa Museo Picasso, where the artist lived in the earlier years of his life.

One may also travel to Madrid to engage in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, which has more than 100 of Picasso’s works. Visitors can see “Guernica” here, as well as his “Buste de femme souriante” and “Tête de Guerrier Pacifiste.” One may also see works by Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró here, allowing patrons to enjoy an enriching experience.

Museu Picasso Barcelona
FACEBOOK Museu Picasso Barcelona

In order to experience a café to which Picasso is connected, one can visit Els 4Gats in Barcelona. After opening in 1897, the establishment hosted the artist’s first individual exhibition in the city three years later. As it was a meeting place for avant-garde artists at that time, customers can engage in a significant historical location while consuming Catalan cuisine. Els 4Gats offers appetizing dishes and a gastropub that may help patrons enjoy their visit in several ways.

Situated an approximately 2.5-hour drive away from Barcelona is Horta de Sant Joan, a village that Picasso visited twice and served as a source of inspiration for the artist. Travelers may immerse themselves in the land with which Picasso linked Fernande, a woman he loved, in his creations.

Restaurant 4 Gats
FACEBOOK Restaurant 4 Gats

One can also visit the Picasso Centre in Horta, which houses a reproduction of the works the artist created in the village, and recognize how the village influenced his creations.

Although Picasso lived in France for a majority of his life after spending time in Horta de Sant Joan, he left his mark on the village, as well as the cities of Málaga, A Coruña, Madrid and Barcelona, allowing travelers to experience some of the sites at which the artist stayed while he became one of the most well-known artisans of the 20th century.

Playa de Riazor
Playa de Riazor. Photo by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez on Unsplash

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