5 Amazing Things To Do In South Africa


South Africa is a country of adventure, sightseeing, fun and tons of it.

South Africa is a country of adventure, sightseeing, fun and tons of it. This is a nation that, as its name suggests, is located on the south end of the African continent. While there are thousands of things to do in this country, let´s run through the top five must-do’s that will ensure you thoroughly enjoy your beautiful journey.

1. Visit Table Mountain In Cape Town.

Though known for its spectacular fishing, this flat mountain, known locally as “Table Mountain,” in Cape Town offers some of the most magnificent and heavenly views of the city. Situated at a staggering 3,500 feet (1,067 meters) above sea level, this incredibly flat mountaintop is a great spot for sightseeing and beautiful sunsets. If you have the energy, you should climb it at least once in your lifetime. A wonderful place to visit with family or friends, Cape Town is host to an impressive array of events and lots of nighttime activities, too.

2. Explore A Former Diamond Mine At The Big Hole.

You don’t need to be a nuclear engineer to know that we are talking about a huge hole that used to be a great diamond mine but now abandoned and filled with rainwater. You can take a helicopter ride for unbelievable aerial views, or if you are more of an adventurer, you also can hike and check out how it used to work when it was still functional. Venture into this 250 yards deep open mine where more than 2,600 pounds of diamonds were at one time extracted. The tourist-friendly city of Kimberley is located very close to the former mine and is a great place to visit.

3. Spend An Exciting Day Watching Horse Racing.

Horse racing as a sport dating back to1797, and South Africa’s Jockey Club officially opened its doors in this country in 1882. There are three major horse races that stand out clearly above the rest. The first race is called Turfontein in Johannesburg, which is the host of The Summer Cup, where the best horses take to track for an event highly anticipated throughout the African nation. In Cape Town, the main attraction is J&B Met. Don’t forget to check out the best odds of the race, place your winning bet and much more at latestbettingsites, a valuable online resource for all things horse racing. Last, but not least, you have the impressive Vodacom July, which ran its first race back in 1897 and continues to be one of the main events in Greyville.

4. Take The Plunge And Dive With A Shark.

Looking for a heart-pumping thrill like no other? Check out a deep cage dive to see up close and personal some of nature’s most impressive, and dangerous species in the ocean, sharks. These “man eaters” of the great deep have earned quite a reputation, considering some of the most spectacular beaches in the country are No-Swimming Zones due to the heavy presence of sharks. For all your thriller seekers, don’t miss the opportunity to hop into a reinforced steel cage and witness in person the creature´s awesome size and sharp teeth just a few feet away from you. This is an adventure for the strong hearted and the truly brave.

5. Go Caving In The Cango Caves.

Cango Caves are one of the oldest attractions in the country. Composed of several miles of long natural cave formation, the caves are very easy to traverse for the elderly and young tourists alike; an ideal activity for the entire family can enjoy. But if you are looking for a bit more adventure, you can explore even deeper in the caves, which is not for the faint-hearted. The deeper you explore the more you’ll need to channel your inner yogi and put yourself to the test because you’ll have to contour your body to the max to fit in very tight spots and openings. If you’re keen to claustrophobia, then it’s highly recommended that you don’t attempt to do this, as intricate paths and small passages mean incredibly tight spaces to squeeze through. The caves are located close to the towns of Oudtshoorn and De Rust, in the middle of Swartberg and Outeniqua mountains.

What’s your favorite thing to do in South Africa? Share with us in the comments.

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